What to Eat to Reduce Morning Sickness

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For many women, morning sickness is the first sign that they are pregnant. For most of the others, it isn’t far behind. Roughly four in five pregnant women experience morning sickness at some point during their pregnancies. While morning sickness can occur at any stage of pregnancy, it is most common between weeks six and twelve.

If you’re experiencing morning sickness, there are a number of things you can do to reduce or eliminate the symptoms. You’re probably already aware that you should keep some soda crackers and ginger ale on hand. Did you know there are a number of other dietary changes you can make to help reduce the occurrences and severity of morning sickness? Here are some of the most effective dietary changes you can make:

  • Eat small, eat often. This has nothing to do with what you eat and everything to do with how you eat. It’s better to eat lots of small meals all day instead of your typical American three square meals. When you’re queasy, small amounts of food will settle much better than larger meals.
  • Lemons. When you feel nauseous, try lemons. You can drink lemonade or water with lemon.
  • Tea for two. There are several herbal teas which can help with nausea and morning sickness. Two of the best are ginger tea and peppermint tea. Lemon grass and chamomile teas are also good options.
  • Protein. Beef, fish (especially salmon, tuna, and trout), or peanut butter can help prevent morning sickness. Women who have morning sickness at night should especially consider adding some protein before bedtime.
  • Hold the spices. While you’re experiencing morning sickness, the blander, the better. It might not make or the world’s most exciting cuisine, but it will help keep the nausea down.
  • Salty snacks. As long as your blood pressure isn’t an issue, salty snacks like pretzels and potato chips can help ease the symptoms of morning sickness.

These are just a few of the many things you can try when dealing with morning sickness. No two pregnancies are exactly alike and there’s no telling exactly which will work for you. Try them all until you find something that does the trick.



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