What Morning Sickness Remedies Work For You?

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There are many different things that you can try to help alleviate your morning sickness. Sometimes, changing what you are eating can help. Adding ginger or specialty candy can make a difference. There are products out there that target your sense of smell or that use acupressure points. When all else fails, sometimes your doctor can help.

Have you found anything that eases your morning sickness discomfort?

Some of the comments below have been copied from our, now closed, guestbook.

  • Anonymous

    This post was originally posted in our Share Your Experiences guestbook, from before we redesigned:

    July 17, 2011 – 12:31
    Hann from United States of America

    I have experienced morning sickness everyday since about week 5. It has been a horrible experience. At the beginning I tried motion sickness bands, then ginger, crackers in the morning. I could not keep anything down in the morning at all and usually could not eat until around 2 pm. I never had energy, and would wake up around 6 every morning dying of sickness. Then again at night before bed. I was prescribed Zofran and that saved my life. I am now 17 weeks, and things are just getting better, I can eat and have figured out different methods to ease the sickness, ice water, and grits, as long as I can keep something down I wait and then once I have something in my stomach I try to keep something small in it constantly all day just to keep my sickness from coming back. Most recently if nothing helps, even the zofran, because I am starting to be immune to it, I will take dramamine so that I can sleep and feel better. Morning sickness sucks, but I definitely experienced the hell of it.

  • Anonymous

    This post was originally posted in our Share Your Experiences guestbook, from before we redesigned:

    SG from United States of America

    Even if you aren’t hungry or nauseas, you STILL need to eat.Even if it’s nibbling.Low blood sugar will only make morning sickness worse.try eating a little something before bed, in the middle of the night and right when you wake up.dont go more than three hours without putting a small meal in your belly.

  • Anonymous

    This post was originally posted in our Share Your Experiences guestbook, from before we redesigned:

    April 07, 2011 – 14:26
    Stephanie from United States of America

    Hello 🙂 I am a little over 12 weeks pregnant and fighting the battle with morning sickness just as so many of you ladies are. I didn’t start vomiting until 9 weeks and since then it’s only gotten worse. I’m down to puking just about everyday now.

    I’ve heard that if you follow your body’s food cravings, they will never steer you in the wrong direction! It will usually escape from being puked back up. I have little success in this strategy as I have not been too open about eating food in general.

    But I feel you all and I hope we all get better soon. Today I may start my Zofran and we’ll see where that takes me.

    Take care all.

  • Anonymous

    This post was originally posted in our Share Your Experiences guestbook, from before we redesigned:

    July 13, 2011 – 19:52
    Lilly from United States of America

    I am 9.5 weeks pregnant. My nausea started at week 6. I’ve been sick almost every day, sometimes just once, sometimes three or four times. I’ve tried everything – ginger in all forms, crackers, lemonade, watermelon, vitamin B6, sea bands, acupuncture. They didn’t help much. Probably the only thing that made me feel better was chicken noodle soup from Au Bon Pain (just the broth). Otherwise, it’s been complete misery. I’ve starting throwing up bile which really freaked me out. I think we just need to wait it out…Good luck everyone!

  • Phoenix

    I am 40 and thought my missed period had more to do with menopause than pregnancy…only to have found out I was over 5 weeks pregnant. Didn’t have any morning sickness or pregnancy signs. Now at 8 weeks….it’s horrible 4 me. I get morning sickness whenever it feels like coming….I realise though that if i let myself go hungry its worse then and also if i eat what my body tells me it feels like (at any particular moment) then i am fine. I only puke when i am hungry (never after meals) and then its only bile. The thing is once i get hungry and feeling sick then my stomach doesnt feel it can take much and i have no urge to eat so the feeling stays for a while. Things that help me….kiwi, pineapple (both juice and fruit itself) and strawberries….they tend to be sourish.

  • krazykrissy22

    So far NOTHING works for my nausea. I have this constant Blah yucky feeling. Although ginger gum has proven to take an edge of the nausea. Once I get past the first taste of ginger, it does help a bit.

  • Shimoaoi

    I suggest you ask your GP or DR to Prescribe you Buccastem. It is safe to use in the months before the baby is formed enough to be effected. It is my life saver at the moment, and although I was scared of taking it initially, I have been reassured that this is the safest form of anti sickness. Although if Pregnancy sickness persists over 6mnths unfortunatly it will be unsafe to take them. I’m currently 9weeks and without the pills, I am projectiling. :[ All you have to do is stick it up in your gum behind your lip and let it melt, and within an hour your good for most of the day. It works by preventing the signal from your gut, getting to your brain. A bit like a pop up blocker!! If you find your sickness generally eases off by the evening then 1 will be enough, otherwise recommended once twice a day. It is well worth it if you don’t want to feel any neusea at all! Only downside is that you’ll feel sick as normal when you wake up, make sure you get your partner to bring it to you in bed so that you can relax and let it work before you get up. 😀 Hope this helps!

  • youngmomof4

    Hi Ladies,
    I’m 7 weeks pregnant with my 4th baby. My morning sickness starts around 6 weeks and is completely gone by 16 weeks. I have an extremely hard time getting enough water down! It makes me SO nauseous. This is the first pregnancy I’ve tried La Croix, it’s sparkling water with a little bit of natural flavor. No yucky chemicals, it has a very mild flavor so it’s not overpowering, and no yucky aftertaste. It has worked wonders for me. The bubbles help my tummy and I can sip it throughout the day. (p.s. it’s sold at Target)

  • Shaneandliz2011

    I am 9 weeks and have been sick since 5 weeks. Throwing uP constantly ( yesterday I counted 11 times) and just cry in the bowl. So far the only thing to bring relief is to eat something small every few hours. Gpod luck all.

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