Wearing Perfume During Pregnancy

Posted on Apr 2, 2012 | About Morning Sickness, Articles Category | | Print This Article


While a pregnant woman may have a natural beauty that’s all her own, being pregnant doesn’t mean you have to leave off your beautifying routines. While there may be some sorts of makeup or other beauty accessories that are questionable during pregnancy, the fact of the matter is that most perfumes, for example, are entirely safe to use while you’re pregnant.

For many women, the issue isn’t so much that perfume isn’t safe for them during pregnancy, but rather the fact that their sense of smell is often heightened. Some perfume scents may make your nauseated or aggravate your morning sickness, while others may just get you a headache. Figuring out what scents set you off during pregnancy can be something of a chore.

The key is to try to minimize the number of scents you’re using until you can identify some that don’t irritate your heightened sense of smell. Many women also choose to use body spray with fragrance or body lotion because these tend to be much milder than perfume. They also contain less alcohol, which can be aggravating to the smell.

Many women choose citrus scents for their perfumes, sprays and lotions during pregnancy. These may help to actually combat nausea, and tend to be a little bit understated. Orange and neroli, as well as mandarin, are good choices. Other women may chose scents that are especially known to help with nausea, such as peppermint or ginger-based scents. Some of the softer perfume scents that are also popular during pregnancy can include rose, chamomile and lavender.

Some women enjoy the use of essential oils and aromatherapy during pregnancy, as well. Take some caution here, however, because not all essential oils are recommended as safe for use during pregnancy. Some can even be harmful to you or to your baby. Make sure you talk with your doctor and your aromatherapist before using essential oils during pregnancy.

The key thing to remember is to test out various scents, whether you’re talking about perfume, body lotion or even soap, so that you know how you’re going to react to those scents while you’re pregnant.

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