The Top Three All-Natural Remedies for Morning Sickness

Posted on Oct 31, 2011 | Morning Sickness Remedies Category | | Print This Article

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Morning sickness can be a real pain.

While for most women morning sickness is irritating and inconvenient, for others it can be truly severe. About 60,000 women each year wind up in the hospital for severe morning sickness in the United States alone.

While natural remedies may not be able to hold off the worst of morning sickness, here are three all-natural remedies you should consider in order to get some relief:

  1. 1.      Ginger

We talk a lot on this blog about ginger and its use in relieving morning sickness. That’s because we know just how effective it can be. If you’ve tried ginger but haven’t had any luck, consider trying it in another format. Some women will respond better to ginger tea, for example, better than they will to ginger ale. Others may get the best effect with prepared ginger root. Try several types until you find one that eases your morning sickness.

One of the more creative uses of ginger we’ve seen is this: infuse fresh ginger into a pot of hot water. Strain it, and then pour the tea into your ice cube containers. Freeze these ginger cubes. Once they’re frozen, break them into chips and eat them. The cold, in addition to the ginger, may help give some relief.

  1. 2.      Honey

Honey has many health uses, and now some experts are suggesting that it may be used as a natural morning sickness remedy. Add some honey to your tea, or have some on a piece of toast. The sweetness in honey has a similar effect to what pure Coke syrup has, helping to settle your stomach.

  1. 3.      Mint

Peppermint is perhaps the most effective form of mint to use for morning sickness, but some women have had luck with other types of mint. Peppermint actually works in your system to deter bloating, relax your gastrointestinal system, and help digestion. There are peppermint capsules, peppermint tea, and even peppermint candy. Just make sure that, whatever you use, it isn’t artificially flavored.

So, what about you? What natural remedies have you found that work for your morning sickness?

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