Taking a Cruise during Pregnancy

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Taking a Cruise


A week or so spent out at sea on a cruise ship can be a dream vacation for many people, and there’s no reason a pregnant woman can’t go on a cruise ship. Being pregnant isn’t a disease, and as long as your pregnancy isn’t high risk you can still do most of the things that other people do.

Before you hit the boarding dock, however, there are some important things you need to consider.

  • Exhaustion is going to be your biggest challenge. Depending on where you are in your pregnancy, you might be facing some serious exhaustion. The first and third trimesters tend to be the times when most pregnant women experience fatigue, so if you can schedule your cruise for your second trimester you’ll be better off.
  • Always check with your doctor first. There are some medical conditions that complicate pregnancy that might make a cruise a bad idea. For example, if you’ve previously had a preterm baby or if you’re expecting twins, it might be a good idea to stay on land for a while.
  • Some cruise lines have restrictions on pregnant passengers. Be sure to check with the cruise line first. Also, be aware that smaller cruise ships that have less than 100 or so passengers don’t usually have medical personnel on staff.
  • Bring your medications and a prescription with you. The ship pharmacy may not have the particular medications you need while on the boat. Bring a written script with you so you can get them filled on shore, in case of loss.
  • Check out your health insurance coverage, too. You might need to look into travel medical insurance, either via your insurance company or via the cruise line if your regular insurance doesn’t cover complications on the ship or in ports of call.
  • If you’re prone to motion sickness, it may be exacerbated by pregnancy. Make sure you bring plenty of natural remedies such as ginger capsules on board with you.

Planning your cruise carefully ahead of time is essential to having a good time and hassle-free adventure while you’re pregnant.

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