How To Stay Positive And Pamper Yourself When You Have Morning Sickness

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When you have morning sickness it may be difficult to stay positive, but there are ways that you can do just that! The following tips will help you stay positive and pamper yourself through your pregnancy.

Tip #1 This Too Shall Pass

This may seem like silly advice, but it will help. When you are experiencing the most recent round of nausea and wondering why you ever became pregnant in the first place simply put things into perspective. The morning sickness will pass, you will only be pregnant for a few more months, and when it is over you will have a beautiful baby to hold! Remember there are many women who can’t get pregnant who would gladly trade places with you. When you put your situation into perspective you will find you can deal with it better. And, knowing that most women are over their morning sickness by the 12th week is greatly helpful. Keep a calendar close by to mark down the days of the first trimester!

Tip #2 Massages

Being pregnant is stressful and having morning sickness is even more stressful. Because of this you will want to find ways to de-stress as often as possible. Many pregnant women find a weekly massage a good way to reduce their stress levels and simply calm down and focus on what’s important. It is important to find a masseuse trained in pregnancy massage to ensure the massage does not interfere with your pregnancy.

Tip #3 Pregnancy Groups

There is no better way to stay positive while you are pregnant than to be part of a group of pregnant women! You can find groups in your community or online. You will make friends and talk about what you are going through. You will find that you are more positive knowing that you aren’t the only one going through this and find it helpful that others share their stories with you. It’s great to have friends who are pregnant, in person or virtually, so that you can talk and find out what’s going on, advice, and know what to expect in the future!

Tip #4 Babymoon

You may have heard about babymoons before and they are highly recommended. When you have morning sickness you will find it hard to think past your next visit to the bathroom, but if you are planning a great vacation with your partner before baby arrives then you will have something else to focus on. It is important to try and look past the morning sickness and focus on better times!

These are just a few tips to help you get over your morning sickness and enjoy every day of your pregnancy. It won’t be long before the baby arrives and you will miss your pregnant belly!

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