Signs of a Miscarriage

Posted on Aug 8, 2012 | Blog Posts, Pregnancy Health Category | | Print This Article

If you are currently pregnant and experience the following symptoms you should contact your doctor or midwife as they can be signs that you have had, or are having a miscarriage.

  • Bleeding – bleeding is the main symptom that women have when they miscarry.  Some light bleeding during the first trimester is normal, but if you have heavy bleeding you may be having a miscarriage.
  •  Cramping – if you have cramping and bleeding together this can be a sign of miscarriage.  It is not uncommon to have some twinges and abdominal pain during early pregnancy, this is part of the uterus growing and stretching to accommodate the growing baby.  But, if you have strong cramps that make you double over or breathe heavily followed by bleeding, you could be experiencing a miscarriage.
  • Low back pain or abdominal pain – this can occur with or without cramping.
  • Passing tissue – if you have heavy bleeding and pass clot like material or tissue you could be having a miscarriage.

If you have these symptoms during your doctor’s regular working hours call their office, they will tell you what to do.  If it is after hours, call your doctor’s after hours number (usually you can get this number off the answering machine at the doctor’s office, other times doctor’s will have an answering service that will page the doctor or nurse).  If you can not reach the doctor you can go to the emergency room.  If you are worried or in pain you should also go to the emergency room.

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