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Sea-Band Ginger Anti-Nausea Gum


From the makers of the Sea-Band anti-nausea acupressure wrist bracelet.

Anti-Nausea Ginger Gum is ideal for relieving travel sickness, morning sickness and chemotherapy induced nausea. No side effects! Unlike doctor-prescribed nausea medication, ginger gum does not have the side effects of drowsiness, disorientation, and dry mouth.

  • 25mg of ginger oil per piece – that’s the equivalent of 8g fresh ginger root.
  • Safe, all-natural relief from nausea
  • Convenient, take it with you anywhere
  • Great uplifting flavor
  • Gluten-Free

Each package includes 24 pieces of ginger gum in 2 foil packs.

Serving size : 2 pieces


Gum base, corn syrup, natural sugar, soya lecithin, menthol, color (titanium dioxide), glazing agent, carnauba wax, natural ginger oil.

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