Pregnancy Trends: Morning Sickness, Sex, and Babymoons

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If you’ve never been pregnant, you probably wonder what it’s going to be like. The dirty little secret, however, is that it’s rarely the same for any two women. Ask 5 women to define their pregnancy and you’ll get 5 very different responses. Each woman is unique, and so is each pregnancy.

That said, there are some common themes that run through pregnancy. According to survey results collected and published by the Mayo Clinic, here are some of the things that you’re most likely to experience while you’re pregnant:

  • Symptoms. The most common symptom of pregnancy is – as you might have guessed – morning sickness. More than one third of women report experiencing this particular symptom. Number two is fatigue with just over one quarter of women experience fatigue. Mood swings are the third most common symptom, with about 16 percent of women experiencing some emotional ups and downs during pregnancy.
  • Technology. Today, more and more women are staying connected during pregnancy, and even in the delivery room. An astounding 87 percent of women in this survey planned to keep their friends and family updated as to the status of their pregnancy during labor through the use of social media, photos, text messages, and more.
  • Sex and love. About 30 percent of pregnant women say that they have experienced the best sex life ever during their pregnancy. About 47 percent of women said that their pregnancy brought them closer to their partner, strengthening that relationship.
  • Finding out baby’s sex. Three quarters of the women surveyed planned to find out their baby’s sex ahead of time. Waiting for a surprise is becoming more and more impractical, and most women are finding out ahead of time.
  • Vacationing. One of the latest trends is for expectant parents to have one last vacation prior to the birth of their baby, sometimes being called a “babymoon.” This is done as a celebration of things to come, and probably one last grasp at the kind of freedom and flexibility that childless couples have compared to those with infants.

So, what do you think? Do any of these pregnancy trends surprise you? Which ones apply to you?


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