Pregnancy Symptoms: Lower Back Pain

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Many women who become pregnant will notice lower back pain. While it is not particular common as an early sign of pregnancy, some studies do suggest that more than fifty percent of women will experience some degree or another of pain in the lower back during the early stage of pregnancy. If lower back pain is accompanied by other symptoms, such as morning sickness, muscle cramping, and tenderness of the breasts, considered altogether these can be signs of pregnancy.

Back pain that occurs early on in pregnancy is generally caused by the way that her hormones, particularly progesterone, affect her body. Progesterone softens the discs and the ligaments in a woman’s back. These ligaments and discs support her upper body, and this sort of pain may be accompanied by muscle spasms. In other cases, lower back pain during the early part of pregnancy may be caused by a urinary tract infection.

Exercise, posture, rest, and safety will all help to relieve lower back pain in pregnancy. Good exercises to relieve back pain include pelvic rocking, walking, and mini-crunches. By standing and sitting straight, you can help to relieve or even avoid back pain as your center of gravity changes during pregnancy. Getting enough sleep will help not only with your lower back pain, but will also help with your mood and your overall health during pregnancy. Finally, by making sure that you are practicing safe lifting techniques, you can avoid straining a back that may already be sore.

Lower back pain generally tends to disappear sometime around the 20th week of pregnancy. During the third trimester, you may experience back pain again as your baby grows and grows bigger, creating a strain on those muscles. If you have pain in the back that is severe or is persistent, you should contact your health care provider. She can help to determine if there is another cause for the pain, and to help determine what the best treatment options may be.

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