Natural Remedies for Pregnancy Symptoms

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Expectant mothers around the world suffer similar pregnancy symptoms. Some of the most common issues include fatigue, heartburn, constipation and morning sickness.

Only a handful of medicines can safely be taken while you’re pregnant. Many future mothers resort to natural treatments to provide relief. There are plenty of natural cures that can soothe extreme symptoms.



Morning Sickness

Morning sickness is usually problematic only in the first trimester. However, you may combat nausea throughout your pregnancy. Here’s some tips that’ll help.

  • Eliminate spicy and overly fatty foods.
  • Avoid overpowering odors like garlic, meat and coffee.
  • Eat smaller meals more often instead of three larger ones.
  • Add lime, mandarin, orange or grapefruit aromatherapy oils to your bathwater.
  • Add ginger to your food or brew ginger tea.


Many morning sickness remedies are the same heartburn. Try some of these tips for avoid heartburn:

  • Eat smaller portions more often.
  • Avoid foods high in acid, fat and spiciness.
  • Wear loose clothing after eating.
  • Chew fennel or drink herbal tea containing fennel.


Constipation can happen during pregnancy due to hormonal changes and elevated iron consumption from prenatal vitamins. To alleviate constipation:

  • Get regular exercise.
  • Eat plenty of fiber.
  • Eat prunes or other dehydrated fruits.
  • Drink plenty of water. This will also lessen bloating, a common pregnancy symptom.


Fatigue is common in the first trimester when your baby’s vital organs are developing. Although there are only a few ways to eradicate fatigue, there are techniques to lessen the severity:

  • Exercise. You may feel you’re too tired to even move, let alone exercise. Surprisingly, exercise is vital and will restore your declining energy.
  • Take short naps throughout the day. Ten to fifteen minutes can revive your energy.
  • Eat well-balanced meals that contain an extra 300 calories every day.
  • Make sure you’re iron intake is adequate. Fatigue is often caused by iron deficiency.

It’s unsafe to use supplements that act as stimulants during your pregnancy. It’s okay to drink a cup of coffee on occasion, but it’s worthwhile to avoid caffeine if possible. Overall, the 9 months of your pregnancy is a brief part of your child’s life. Meanwhile, try a few of the natural remedies listed here to reduce the impact of some of the more common pregnancy side effects. Should any of these symptoms last over an extended period of time, contact your doctor right away.

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