Morning Sickness Sucks

Posted on Jul 19, 2011 | Shared Experiences Category | | Print This Article

Congratulations!!! You are pregnant! It should be a time filled with appreciation and gratefulness that you have a baby on the way, but instead you feel awful and sick, way too much of the time.

Share your thoughts here. You are free to grumble and grouch all you want. We understand that, even though you are expressing less than loving thoughts about your pregnancy, you still want this baby and it doesn’t mean you will love it any less. Sometimes the ability to say that something is less than what you thought it would be, and have people agree with you and totally understand where you are coming from, makes a bit of difference in how you feel over all.

Note: This is for supporting the women who have morning sickness, not a place to smack them down for feeling the way they feel. Negative or derogatory comments will not be approved or will be deleted.

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