Morning Sickness Sucks

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Congratulations!!! You are pregnant! It should be a time filled with appreciation and gratefulness that you have a baby on the way, but instead you feel awful and sick, way too much of the time.

Share your thoughts here. You are free to grumble and grouch all you want. We understand that, even though you are expressing less than loving thoughts about your pregnancy, you still want this baby and it doesn’t mean you will love it any less. Sometimes the ability to say that something is less than what you thought it would be, and have people agree with you and totally understand where you are coming from, makes a bit of difference in how you feel over all.

Note: This is for supporting the women who have morning sickness, not a place to smack them down for feeling the way they feel. Negative or derogatory comments will not be approved or will be deleted.

  • Anonymous

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    July 19, 2011 – 11:19
    kristina from United States of America

    Hello, ran across this site in a search. This is my 2nd pregnancy. My first I was sick at 6 weeks to 18…zofran worked miracles for my son. Now, My morning sickness started around 6 weeks and I am now almost 11 weeks. It’s still in full force. I’ve been prescribed zofran but it isn’t working like last time. I’m Nauseated with vomiting all day, one time of day is never better than another to eat and nothing looks good. I was hospitalized for dehydration recently bc I was vomiting every half hour. My husband does everything and I feel I can’t even leave me house. We live in Texas and its 100 degrees outside, I wish it was cold. I feel I could just hide all day in bed. Thank goodness my son is 5 years old and can do much on his own. But I still feel like a bad wife and mother bc I can’t do much but lie in misery and walk only with a Barf bucket. It’s so depressing. I just want to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I’m scared I may get post partum depression since I’ve heard women this sick are at increased risk. My hubby and I live this baby and want it so much, I wish I could show it more but I’m so low on energy. I hope we all find some relief soon……carrying a baby is not easy. We wanted one more, I don’t know anymore though. Best luck to all.

  • Anonymous

    This post was originally posted in our Share Your Experiences guestbook, from before we redesigned:

    Sholar from United States of America

    I am a first time mommy and this morning sickness is a bit much for me! I am 12 weeks and a 1/2 pregnant and, I feel as if, I can not shake this morning sickness! I must admit, I have gotten better over the last few weeks. Just a few weeks ago, this morning sickness had me really sick! I am just ready for this morning sickness to end so , I can enjoy my little one in the end!

  • Anonymous

    This post was originally posted in our Share Your Experiences guestbook, from before we redesigned:

    April 07, 2011 – 14:27
    Vivian from Canada

    Ok well i am 12 weeks pregnant and have been feeling sick every since i found out. It just feels like i have the stomach flu 24/7. I have a 20mth old at home and i feel terrible, i cant do what i use to do with him. ALl i want to do when i get home from work is lay on the couch. I cant clean, cook, play with my boy nothing. I just hate this. Very grateful that my hubby has picked up the slack for most of the house work but it still doesnt help how i am feeling. I find i am resentful towards my hubby because of how i feel and he just seems to be happy go lucky all the time while i am puking left right and centre. all i want is to feel normal again, to have energy and not feel like i cant get thru the day at work. Someone please give me some advise on how to get over this horrible feeling

  • Mindyjane283

    I’m a little over 10 weeks pregnant and water seems to be the only thing not making me sick. Everything hurts my stomach to eat and I find myself dry heaving and fighting not to throw up. Everything I’ve been told I can take (and its a must have to take it other wise just deal with it kinda advise from the doc office) I either can’t take cause of my lovely allergy or it makes it worse and I don’t see the point in taking something that makes me feel worse and tastes like liquid cough meds if it doesn’t help. The one thing I have found to help I’ve been told not to take. My poor husband is worried about me all the time, work isnt helping any (the smell in this place makes it worse) and all I keep hearing is its normal. I’m sorry first pregnancy and I’m a bit worried about the whole need to keep food in me so the baby has something to feed it too. When you have a nurse look at you at one point and say “when you stop breathing so does the baby” (held my breath while being poked with a needle) then telling me “You’ll be fine just deal with the sickness” you want to smack her.

    • heath

      wow I am so sorry that nurse treated you that way. obgyns MUST be sensitive. They work with very private and personal matters. You can get through it =)

    • mousy

      That stinks. I am with you. Eating and drinking are a chore. Everything reappears but I have to try to eat. 24/7 yucko. I have never had a nurse or OB treat it like it is an issue even when I am miserable. My hubby calls it “sickness of convienince” even though he listens to me dry heaving. Stick in there and know you are def not alone.

  • Bamabguest

    Hello, I’m around 7 weeks in my first pregnancy and the morning sickness started just under two weeks ago. At first it was nausea and due to my mindset (I HATE being ill) I wondered how on earth I was going to cope. A few days in it went horribly wrong. If I thought nausea was bad then I had no idea that I should be greatful it wasnt the vomiting and collapsing I get now πŸ™ It has only been just over a week and I’ve had bleeding too. The doctors are worried enough to have given me a scan with a second one booked for this monday. I think the baby is okay it’s just me who has the problem. I can’t hold food or drink down and am now on medication to stop it… the tablets are a bit annoying but ‘m still trying with them as I just want it to stop. I dont really get much let up even if I try and act like everything is okay and go out I come home and end up throwing up everything anyway. I haven’t found anything I can keep down. Sometimes it works to begin with and the second time I eat or drink it thinking it helps then I just bring it all back up again putting me off whatever it is for life! I’m scared I’m not giving this child enough of a chance to get past the first trimester because I cant give it what it needs like vegetables and fruit. I can’t even get the folic acid tablets past my gag reflex atm (if that makes any sense). It doesn’t help that I’m 20 years old and everybody who knows is pretty annoyed or of the attitude that I should abort despite the fact that I can afford it without benefits and have my own home with partner which we have had set up for a while now. It wasn’t planned but we were using protection and have both stepped up to take responsibility and are actually quite happy… well he is happy I’m doing my best to stay sitting or lying in bed trying not to vomit.. barfing it all up anyway with the room spinning and wanting to punch whoever created morning sickness in the knackers!

  • dims_003

    I’m 10 weeks Pregnant And I’m SICK SICK SICK!!!! Not only am I nauseated ALL the time I have a NEVER ending POUNDING headache that keeps me up at night and makes me wanna jump out of a window! I know all of this will be worth it “in the end” but The end seems like it’s never gonna come and I only feel worse instead of better each day

  • Kmeow22

    Yeah!!! I’m pregnant again! Time to break out the sea bands, zofran, reglan, aciphex and hit the couch! Ugh. With my first pregnancy I was sick the entire pregnancy, conception to delivery. They prescribed phenagren (however you spell it) which just made me fall asleep and wake up puking. The second pregnancy was a lot easier! I was nauseous all day until about 7 months…then days got easier but about 5/6 at night got bad. I only threw up one time but was still dehydrated and had to have IV’s every other day for a month. Zofran and Reglan really helped. This time I got sick about 5 weeks but have been feeling better and I’m only 9weeks. I am on Zofran, Reglan and Aciphex….sooo I think that’s why. When its a bad day I won’t leave the house at all….no matter what. I get so nervous that I’m going to throw up in public or in front of my kids. Yuck.

  • Tjacquemo

    Is there any light at the end of the tunnel for extreme nausea? I have been in the hospital 3 times already with dehydration and nutritional therapy. I am taking zofran but it does not take away the constant morning till night nausea and occasional vomiting.

  • Christinacoleman99

    This is my first child, I’m 9 weeks pregnant and I started experiencing moring sickness around week 5. I missed having my body at times where I can eat what I want and do as I please. I have morning sickness every morning, in fact if I don’t have one I will feel miserable throughout the day. Its hard to go to work and have a smile on your face and be in the public eye especially if you have acid indigestion and leg spams. I cant wait to move becasue I dont like the smell of smoke and we have a neighbor that lives upstairs that smokes a lot and it comes down into our apartment, which gets annoying. I hate certain smells that makes me sick and I actually have trouble finding foods that I really like, it seems expensive before you have the baby as well. I do find myself spitting most of the time, I dont want to feel like a sick person all the time I just want to have a normal pregancy. Can’t believe my sister had a sick free pregancy. Hopefully it does give me relief around my second trimester.

  • Nai25

    I am only 7 weeks pregnant and feel horrendous. I am looking forward to the 2nd trimester but that is over a month away, it feels like forever, I dont know how I will last that long. This is my 3rd pregnancy, with my 1st pregnancy I lost 8kg’s in 1 week and had 6 hospital admissions for rehydration. It is so hard to enjoy anything when I feel so awful. I feel for you all, its no fun at all. I know as soon as I get my first cuddle I’ll be saying how I’d do it all again! Its like labour, you soon forget how bad it was. Good luck to you all, dont feel alone xx

  • Iepyface

    I promise myself to write a post to lighten up the spirit of every mother who suffers through morning sickness because I so feel for you. Reading through this forum has helped me get through it not feeling I am alone. Thank you.
    I am first day on my 11th week. It seems to level out a bit and I can have some time of the day not feeling nauseous and as if I am dying. My worst was 9-10weeks, especially week9, I was not able to sleep due to heartburn and constant fear of throwing up. I thought I was never going to make it. And then, i was given Zantac for the acid reflux, it eased off and I am still on it now. After that, I can afford better sleep quality, but still, there are good and bad days.
    If you are having acid reflux, do try Manuka honey, it is very soothing.
    I cannot say It has cleared off, but I am having my finger crossed. Last night maxolon gave me very bad side effects, I went into panic attack. My supportive husband spent time reassured me that I would live through it.
    and here I am. It is the most horrible thing in the world, I wouldnt want it on anyone. But good time will come. Just hang in there. Will write again in couples of weeks if my symptomes are finally gone. Praying for the best of everyone of you.

  • Hollie

    I’m 12 weeks now and I was really hoping that I would start feeling better. However, I have been feeling worse in the last couple of days. I get hot flashes, and I feel dizzy. Nothing is helping, and I am becoming very depressed. The only time I feel good is when I’m sleeping. I feel so guilty because I can’t seem to get anything done, and my husband works his butt off, and is a “go getter, nothing slows me down” guy. I’m praying that I will feel even somewhat normal soon. I had no real morning sickness with my son, so maybe I will have a girl this time!!

  • Heath

    Wow in college I had a problem with anorexia, throwing up just normal sized meals every day. Thankfully, I’ve grown out of it. But now I’m pregnant 7 weeks, I don’t think I’ve thrown up this much in my entire life. If I didn’t know any better, I would think that I had some fatal disease. I keep thinking about all the research I found about bulimic behavior and how it rots your teeth and how I stopped because I wanted to be healthy. Now there are days where I throw up all day long. Soon I have to work full time. How am I going to do my job when I just need to hug the toilet all day? I just want to anticipate with joy the coming of my first baby, but I feel like all I can think about is how sick I am. Its depressing. I just hope it goes away by month 3 like most of the research says so I can enjoy my pregnancy. I am so lucky that I have a super supportive husband who loves me and takes care of me. My heart really goes out to girls and women who have nobody like him to love and take care of them and their baby.

  • Bellajess

    im 7 weeks pregnant first pregnancy and soo sick!! no energy no motivation ive been sleeping like 12 hours waking up then wanting to go back to sleep!! driving me crazy!! i know its all worth it in the end but just want a break. ive tryd everything taking maxalon eating ginger stuff and yet nothing works … just want it to stop….

  • ainzie

    im six weeks pregnant with my 2nd child and my morning sickness is horrendous!!!!!!!!! i cant imagine it goin on for much longer without me needing some medical intervention. i was sick with my first but it was manageble and came in waves. i have been sick 4 times today and sipping on water. i know it will all be worth it and have to remember the little life starting inside me……………. keep youre chins up

  • Miss Maddi

    I’m almost 12 weeks pregnant with my second child and I’ve been sick since around week 6 which was right after i found out i was pregnant and since then there hasn’t been an instance where i haven’t felt nauseated all the time. I take medication for it because I had to go to the hospital because i couldn’t keep any food down and became severly dehydrated. There are times when i feel absolutely fine and then there are times where my bff is my toilet bowl. And i have the best boyfriend ever who gets queasy easily but still rub my back while I’m throwing everything up even if there isn’t anything in my stomach I’m still hurling. And I just want to feel human again, and be the excited mom-to-be because i feel so guilty that I’m not because I’m constantly tired and even as I’m writing this i can’t stop yawning. But the only food that I’ve been able to look forward to is fruits like bananas, strawberries, grapes, and watermelon. Everything else makes me want to hurl

  • Meg

    I’m 7 weeks pregnant and can barely keep anything down. This id my second pregnancy. The first one was just as bad. I have tried all the tricks, but nothing seems to work. It’s been so long since I’ve kept anything down, I’m wondering if I need to go to the hospital. My husband is being very unsupportive, he thinks it’s funny when I puke in the car and just says, “what do you want me to do about it?!” every time I complain that he’s being a jerk. It’s hard to manage getting sick all day and watching after my 16 month old. We basically stay in all day and she solo plays while I try to cope with feeling so awful. I hate not having the energy or strength to be playful with her, but I just can’t chase her around. So I read to her whenever she brings a book over. Does this make me a terrible mother? I just dont know how to handle all this.

    • Mousy

      No you are not a terrible mother. I am with you. This is my third and I have a 4 yr old and a 22 month old. Currently in between jobs. 4 yr old is at pre-k and since I vomit all day with or without food my poor 22 m/o is stuck entertaining alone. But I look at that I am provinding food, love, and what I can at the moment and that this time will pass. As long as the kiddos are happy and healthy don’t worry. Generally we all know from experience that it will get a little better and maybe the 2nd trimester energy will help make up for the first trimester sickness. Hang in there.

    • No Meg, you are not a terrible mother. If you are, than I am a much worse one. I am on my first pregnancy, and am experiencing heavy depression linked to feeling so sick all the time. There are days I just wish I could end it entirely. There are days when I think about all the gruesome ways I could do it, and even in these gory fantasies, it seems like a good idea because the pain would stop. Your husband could also stand to be a bit more sensitive. I am lucky because mine is such an angel, and thinking of him is one of the few things that helps pull me back from the brink of despair when things get really bad.

      So when you worry that you’re not doing all you can for your daughter, just strike that thought from your mind. You ARE doing all you can for your daughter, and no one can ask more of a mother.

  • I’m on my first pregnancy, and have made it to week 11+ I’ve been sick for nearly 7 weeks. I get the double-whammy of depression to accompany it, so I feel not only physically ill, but mentally ill to boot. I’ve tried all the natural remedies: ginger-everything, sea bands, saltines, gatorade, small meals, etc. I get sick thoughout the night, and am so desperate for REAL rest that I feel like I’m losing my mind even more. Work helps to keep my mind off of it, but I was sent home today after coming into work in tears (from the stress, pain, lack of sleep, etc). I was told that “professionally, you’re a mess”. My director wants a doctors note that says I am fit to work, but the doctor can’t do anything for me anyhow. I began taking Zofran and Phenergan three weeks ago. They helped a bit- and last week, for 3-4 whole days in a ROW, I felt like my old self. I had hope. Then the sickness came back full force, and the medication can barely touch it. I was sick 5 times one day, despite the medication. The scariest thing for me is the loss of hope. To feel that you are going to be OK, and then to get slammed again over and over, is devastating.

    I wish I could feel that “it’s all worth it”, and I do think that when it’s done and over with, and when I have my newborn OUTSIDE of me, I will think that. However, I’m not sure how to get through this when all I think of is “the world population just breached 7 billion. What this world does NOT need is more people in it.” How awful a sentiment is that?

    • Mrslovely27

      ugh!!!! I soooo know how you feel girl!!! I had called out of work so many times becuase of this situation and had my kids miss school becuase the lost of energy.. I felt like it was the end for me im done this is m third and last.I never felt like this before in my other pregnancies… I feel miserable and i feel im making people around me miserable too πŸ™

    • Dani

      Awww, i feel you totally, I actually just did a google search with the term ” i feel like a bad wife because of my morning sickness…” and came across this thread. I dont have advice for you as far as the morning sickness goes, since i have been pregs 4x, this is number 4 and i have one child (miscarriage for the others) and i always get horribly sick. IN fact we just moved to a new country and new apartment and there is this SMELL that just wont go away!!! It makes me sick, it’s in my kitchen and I dont even want to go in the kitchen. I was going to eat a croissant (which I love) and i took a sniff of it and smelled that smell again. I am certain it doesn’t really smell like it, but for some reason, my mind says it does smell like it, so don’t eat it. My gut is also in a constant sense of turmoil and i am super constipated, but not sure what to eat or take for it especially since the usual products i would turn to in the States are not here. With my first I went to the hospital for severe dehydration and nausea, and got an iv, but was throwing up until the third IV bag at about 11 weeks, right now I am about 7 weeks and 6 days.

      My real comment was about the last statement, the 7 billion people one, traveling the world has made me see there is PLENTY of room for more us, it’s just the rich elitest who try to push the world is overcrowded crap, you know the same ones who live on acres and acres of land, or have family compounds where only a few people live, and they drive the Rolls Royces and gas guzzlers but tell us to take public transit and live on top of eachother in over crowded cities. All our babies are blessings whether we realize it or not. I hope you are doing better now that it’s been a month since you posted this, but take care anyway!

  • OMG!!!!! I am 10 weeks 5 days preggy with my 3rd. I did not know that pregnancy could be this bad :(. At first I was fine I found I was preggy at 6 weeks i was eating feeling good just a little bit sleepy till i hit the 7 week period. at 7 weeks I started spitting, my mouth would get full of silyva ugh id have to have a cup next to me for i could spit. then started the nausea OMG then nausea with spitting and sleepy and everything was starting to stink>at 8 weeks I had to run to the emergancy room because this was making me really weak and the top of my stomache was burning me badly i went there crying and scared. I had gotten 2 ivies and a pain killer for my stomache something about gastro something. ok it made me feel better ate me a turkey sandwich from their with apple juice they left me go home with meds for nausea and the burning sensation in my tummy. I got home to start the same crap all over again. 1 week past I felt like my soul was coming out my body nails where grey nothing staying in and totally constipated all day in the bathroom taking hot baths and crying I WAS HAVING NEGATIVE THOUGHTS (ABORTION) BECAUSE I WAS MISSING out on my kids and WORK SO MUCH :(. I go back to the ER to get the same treatment from the past week they even gave me morphine they said they see nothing wrong baby fine maybe bcuz of the constipation everything comes back out (ok really) back home with same meds and prenatal pills.Since then I’ve felt ok no throwing up but im still gagging spitting and everything stinks πŸ™ sleepy all day and have like the meanest attitude towards my family ever:( I cant wait to give birth I do not want to go through this anymore :(. for the past 3 days im right back to throwing up IM sick and tired of this my throat really burns and im scared to eat :(. yeah thanks god for this web site because my hubby is tired of hearing me complain πŸ™

    • Amy

      I am so glad I am not along. This is my first pregnancy and I am so thrilled. However I have not been able to enjoy it because I am so sick all day long!!! I try to eat but nothing tastes good and then I dry heave throughout the day. I am a fourth grade school teacher and being around kids all day is torture when I feel this way!! I am 9 weeks and can’t wait to get to the second trimester hoping that this feeling will go away and I can be myself again and actually enjoy my pregnancy!! I feel bad complaining because I know so many people who want to be pregnant..I just don’t know if I can keep feeling like this everyday…I wish I could stay in bed until it is gone!!!! my doctor just prescribed zofran for me so I am hoping it helps because nothing else has…thanks for listening …good luck to all

  • Galina426

    This is my second pregnancy and i have been sick since week 5. Its horrible. I feel like i am dying, nothing helps. I throw up constantly and feel sick 24/7. I am 11 weeks and at the end of my rope. I take zofran when it gets unbearable. I just want to sleep and wake up when this is over.

  • Msisk

    I am about 12 weeks pregnant, morning sickness has been depressing and exhausting for me. I never know when I will puke next. It seems like a constant battle to keep food down. Some days I will cry because I am so frustrated and to the point I get angry with myself. I have tried phenergan, zofran, sea sick bands, crackers, etc. It doesnt seem to work well. I was hospitalized for 5 hours getting IV fluids around my 10th week. I felt good for about 2 days, then the sickness came right back. I would give myself a shot everyday if it would make me not throw up. This is deathly miserable experience being sick and trying to hold a full time job. πŸ™

  • Kayc3eee

    I am 6 weeks & 2 days and have nausea / morning sickness so so sooo bad πŸ™ I haven’t puked anything up, yet! But I have came pretty close!!! This morning sickness is a nightmare-
    I have been living on my couch because of how sick ive been! The thought of food makes me sick, I wish I could rip my nose off so I can’t smell anymore bc anything and everything I smell I am ready to hurl!!!!!!!!!!! I hate eating and when I do…. Even if it’s crackers or something that’s supposed to soothe your stomach only lasts for me a couple minutes then I’m back to the sickness! I have a messy house! A 6 year old! I can’t do ANYTHING! I am making my husband get mint chocolate chip ice cream and apple sauce from the store so I can try that… With my first pregnancy with my son, it was wonderful! I couldn’t of asked for a better pregnancy… So getting pregnant a second time, I never thought of morning sickness and nausea!!!!! Now I go thru these horrible days hating to get up in the morning and dont do anything the whole day!!!! πŸ™

  • Anonymous

    I’m currently 17 weeks pregnant and this is my second child on the way. My first pregnancy was really bad, had ALL DAY sickness from week 6 up until about week 13 then I felt the relief and enjoyed the rest of my pregnancy. However, this time around, my sickness started around week 6 and felt worst this time around. I was hospitalized twice due to dehydration. I would say I feel better now than from week 6 to week 15 but I still feel nauseated mostly at night time. I’ve been out from work since I felt the sickness. My appetite still hasn’t picked up since and after eating, I feel like the food tends to stay in my stomach for a long time and that makes me feel nauseated. I have the bad taste in my mouth almost constantly and it makes everything worst. I know, I shouldn’t complain because unlike a few weeks ago, I can now keep food in my stomach. But, I just can’t help but complain because this sickness has taken over my life. To top it all, I don’t have too much energy so even if I want to do something in the house, all I want to do is sit and lay down, I can’t wait til it’s bedtime so I can sleep (sleep is my only escape from all these) My husband has been 200% supportive and have tried his best around the house, I feel bad for him because he works 2 jobs and still manage to take over the things I cannot do around the house like grocery, cleaning the house, feeding my 4 year old daughter, laundry. He tries his best but my house is still a mess, everything just pilled up. I cannot wait to feel normal again, don’t get me wrong we really want and love this baby, which btw, we just found out is a Boy =)

  • erin71

    I will be 11 weeks in a few days and I am miserable. It truely helps to know I am not the only one. This is my third child and the other 2 I never got sick. This one I have been sick since before I found out it was pregnancy. I ended up in the hospital scared out of my mind because the doctors couldn’t figure out why I was throwing up constantly for a week. It took a while for the pregnancy to show up on a test. I didn’t eat anything for about 6 days and that was when it was at it’s worst. I have tried zofran, and phenergan and nothing helps. I can’t stand to even look at food most of the time, much less smell it or eat it. I can’t cook or clean most of the time and that is frustrating. As soon as I get out of bed in the morning I have to get my son’s stuff ready for school and then run to the bathroom and throw up what looks like stomach bile and foam, get him on the bus, run to the bathroom, ect. I feel very alone because it makes me feel useless and my family who are all boys don’t really understand why I can’t get up off my “lazy” butt and do everything like normal. Anyway I just wanted to tell everybody thanks for sharing. I don’t feel quite as alone anymore now that I know there are other women out there just as miserable as me. Hope my morning sickness horror helps someone else.

  • Shaunaunaguns

    I’m 21 weeks pregnant and still suffering morning sickness. When I was younger, I always imagined that when I would be pregnant, I would flaunt it, walk around with tiny tank-tops on, with my baby belly painted, eating ice-cream in the sun, indulging in whatever foods i felt like, simply because I had a craving. I was going to be all about town, showing my bump to friends, family and strangers with pride.
    Doesn’t always work that way, which I found out at 5 weeks to the day. I woke up around 3 a.m. just to pee. As soon as I left the bathroom I ran to the sofa to stop what I quickly realized was my first bout of morning sickness. Then I laid for 2 seconds, and ran back to the bathroom to puke. Now at the end of my 5th month, it just doesn’t stop. On average I was vomiting anywhere between 8-12 times a day. The rest of the day, I was trying to breathe the constant nausea away.
    This of course landed me in the hospital on IV fluids. I had to stay in the hospital for 3 days, because on the second day, with the IV hooked up (and anti-nausea fluids being pumped in) I still puked, and they decided to keep me longer. I couldn’t do anything. I just laid in a bed for months. Making matters worse, before pregnancy, i was kind of an out-&-about girl, living in Berlin, in a city and country that isn’t my own, and all the friends I had made were apparently recreational, particularly compared to all my lifelong friends back home in the States. Of course I thought we were closer than that, but when things get tough is when reality sets in.
    There were only 3 occasions over a 5 month period where 3 of my friends have come by to sit with me and talk. Its been horrible. Sure, people send well wishes via facebook, or call, but that isn’t what you need when you are bed-bound, & hormonal. You just can’t beg people to be there for you though, if they do care enough to come by, that is their choice.
    And honestly, hanging out on a chair with a boring sick pregnant woman, talking, isn’t tons of fun for others.
    I’m also not able to work anymore, because of the sickness, (& because I worked in a kindergarten) so I never get out socially anymore.

    Luckily I have an amazing man, who takes care of everything for me. He put a chair in our shower and helps wash me, he cooks me whatever I feel like I can eat, and then he doesn’t complain at all when I can’t eat a bite, or immediately throw it up afterwards. (even after all his effort, going to special stores to get me what I thought i craved)
    He helps me walk to the bathroom when otherwise I would have to crawl.
    He doesn’t get annoyed by my constant complaining or whining. He does all the cleaning, changing the litter box, all the laundry, takes care of all the little things like organizing doctor’s appointments, responding to business matters, and of course does all the shopping and errands. He brings me coloring books, magazines, calligraphy materials, and movies to watch. He plays board games with me for hours at a time. He mails me post cards almost daily so that when he is away from home for a time, I have something to remind me he is thinking of me, from the postman.
    And the whole time he is doing these things, he is telling me how beautiful he thinks I am, how happy he is we found each other, and that he is so thankful that I am going through all of this so that we can have a child together.
    It helps a lot. It’s saved me actually.
    When we have nausea like this, when we are basically chronically ill (even if its only for 9 months) we need a support system. Its important, especially when we are creating a new life, to stay as positive as we can. I’m moving back to my home town of Atlanta in 30 days, because I have a great family and amazing friends there who have already been there with me through thick and thin, and its too important not to go through the complications of an international move, so that I can have this. Pregnant women are already vulnerable, we are the last people who need to feel alone.

    Back to the nausea…
    I will say, that around 16-17 weeks, it eased up to where I was only getting sick maybe 2-3 times per day, but mainly because after my first trimester my doctor prescribed me “Vomacur” (in Germany an acceptable anti-nausea medicine for pregnant women.) The problem with the medicine isn’t that it doesn’t do its job of taking away 90% of the nausea, it does… but the price is that I’m asleep for 4 hours, out cold, and even when I wake up I feel like what I can only assume Zombies must feel like, for the rest of my day.
    When I got to 19 weeks I decided I was gonna take a break from taking the medicine every day. My baby’s brain, is developing, and I just don’t trust that its 100% safe to put medications in my body each day.
    So I am sick now, again, but its not as extreme. I’m nauseated for most of the day still, but only vomit 2-3 times in a day, which is a huge improvement. I think its my new normal.
    When I was at the hospital they categorized my condition as hyperemesis gravidarum; which basically just means severe morning sickness that lasts too long, and may be caused by a bacteria that was already in my stomach, or simply by the HCG hormone.
    For others who may read this post, maybe you are experiencing the same thing… but there isn’t any 100% sure way to cure it. Some women respond well to antibiotics… but in Germany they aren’t going to give me any while pregnant, and I’m ok with it now.
    I’ve come to peace with my problem, and now that my belly is growing, and I can feel all the movements and kicks, its making it more worthwhile to soldier through.
    I admit, for about 4 months of this pregnancy, I didn’t even feel pregnant. I felt like I was a cancer patient recovering from chemotherapy treatments, rather than someone who was creating a baby. I was losing weight, not gaining, and I was dehydrated. All the tips to help, were things that didn’t have any effect at all. I tried eating saltine crackers, or bread, or a banana before getting up from bed, I tried eating sitting straight up so that the food could pass through me easier, I tried drinking plenty of fluids but couldn’t keep them down; tried, B-vitamin anti-nausea medicine, tried getting up slowly, laying only on my side, wearing motion-sickness wrist-bands. Nothing worked.
    I’ve thought several times about marijuana as a remedy, through a vaporizer. But sadly, when it isn’t legal, you can’t trust that it isn’t coated in pesticides. So I didn’t risk it; however, research has shown that it is a safer and effective treatment, without harming your baby’s development. (& probably not as bad as the synthetic zombie pills i was taking daily)
    Now I’ve just stopped the remedies cold turkey. I quit trying so much and now just deal with it each day. I know that once I am home near family and friends, that alone will give me some motivation to push even harder.
    Sometimes we just have complicated pregnancies, and we just have to keep going, because in the end, we get this amazing reward for it.

  • G0nzaleza

    I lost a baby 5 months ago when I was four months along due to a Cvs procedure. I would have had my baby sometime this week instead I am pregnant again which I am
    Super excited about except for the part where I have to combat morning sickness all over again. I had to quit my job, everything stinks I can’t keep anything down. I am downright miserable and this just sucks in 8 weeks along and I just want time to fly so that I can feel better. I can’t cook or clean I have turned into a lazy slob because this morning sickness has made
    Me feel incapacitated. I find myself praying every hour asking god to get me through this stage lol. Will keep you guys in my prayers morning sickness can really kick your butt and no one understands unless they’ve been through it!

  • Jogger19

    Hi ladies I’m 10 weeks pregnant and have had severe nausea and fatigue since week 5, its horrific!! Around 2 hours ago I started to feel a bit better so I’m praying this is my turning point so I can enjoy being pregnant. I’m so thankful I wasn’t sick its been hard enough, sucking ice cubes can help keep you hydrated but there is no pattern to it; sometimes it helped to eat then it didn’t, being tired def makes it worse. Don’t worry about house work or how you look; I look like I’ve been living rough : ) and I only manage to shower once a week and that’s due to desperation! And you don’t want to see my hairy legs : )

    The good news is I read somewhere severe symptoms can mean your baby is developing a high IQ so please take comfort it that, and hang in there, ‘You never know how strong you are until being strong is your only choice’

  • JroAK

    I too lost a baby 5 months ago at 16wks. It was incredibly heartbreaking but through that entire I had little morning sickness at all. Now I am 6 wks along with baby #3 and feeling happily miserable as it generally means you are having a healthy pregnancy if you are sick in the beginning. Hang in there ladies I hope it all passes soon for you all.

  • Barbaraclifton24

    pregnancy. morning sickness, tired, hungry. wow. this will be my fifth pregnancy and they have all been the same. thankfully i have 4 beautiful, healthy, happy and energetic children. here’s praying for the same for number 5. ironically i don’t remember when the morning sickness, fatigue stopped, i’m hoping soon. take care ladies.

  • SickandSad

    I am miserable with my all-day sickness. I’m 8.5 weeks and have been throwing up since I was 6 weeks (first time happened in the shower, yay), and it is difficult to imagine this going on for another month or more. My vomiting occurs only once or twice a day, but the nausea is constant and debilitating. I can only eat some soup, crackers, and a little fruit. I’ve lost 10 pounds, and being slim, it greatly concerns me. I’m beyond happy to be pregnant, but being ill is casting a shadow over this wonderful time. My husband has taken over all household duties as he says I should only worry about caring for myself – this is truly appreciated, however, I feel awful for not being able to do my part. Ladies, I pray for all of you mommies-to-be out there that are suffering. Our beautiful babies will surely cause us to forget this difficult time.

    • This is exactly the way I feel. I’m about 7.5 weeks, and my nausea is round-the-clock. I have been managing to keep foods down most of the time, but with great discomfort and difficulty. I too feel like I should be focusing on the joy of pregnancy, but its just not possible to feel overjoyed when my body is such a wreck. My husband is also taking over a lot of the chores around the house, which makes me feel super guilty (but I don’t have the energy to do anything about it). I really am NOT looking forward to this lasting another month. I’d like the E-Z Pass version of this trimester, if possible. πŸ™‚ Hope you feel better really soon!

  • Shaunaunaguns

    hey ladies. i had posted the comment months ago about my sickness that was just deemed hyperemesis gravarium, a general term for extreme morning sickness… i had the IV therapy at the hospital, my boyfriend was having to do everything, my “friends” were never around to lift my spirits, and. felt more like i was a cancer patient recovering from chemo than a mother-to-be. at 5 & even 6 months i had lost hope of feeling any relief…. but then, wheni was already a bit past my breaking point, like magic at nearly my 7th month, it stopped! it started for me on the german 5th week, so american 3rd week of the pregnancy, very early on. i was sick between 7-14 times a day, every day. i too was loosing weight where i should have been gaining, and even my doctor told me that i should prepare myself for the possible complications of preterm labor. but i am now at 8 months. and somehow i have managed to gain 25 lbs, and was told earlier this week, my cervix is this, weight and baby are great, and there is no obvious sign that my baby will be unhealthy, underweight, or born prematurely. everything has worked itself out! i dont think i will ever be able to forget this 7 months of nausea, and vomiting, however, i could see myself having another child after this baby one day. to all the other mommies to be…. hang in there. it will get better! sometimes the relief comes late, but it will come. i have only had 2 sick moments in this last month, aside of heartburn, and those 2 bad times were short lived. but i would suggest, if your doctor says u mayb benefit from iv treatments, do them. they will only give temporary relief, but its better than not having those fluids at all. and if there is offered an antinausea medicine, take it a few days out of the week so u can keep something down from time to time.

  • Btsa

    This is my first pregnancy and I had no idea what I was in for. I didn’t think I would feel so awful. I’m nauseous and vomiting all day. Its hard to be throwing up first thing in the morning and when I get home at night. The only time I get relief is when sleeping and so I dread getting up in the morning and feel depressed. I have a phobia of throwing up in public and just get really embarrassed about it. I know I shouldn’t because I can’t help it but I stress about going to work because I know I’m going to have to throw up there. I thought that this would be one of the best times of my life and instead I’m really miserable. I can’t get excited about having a baby because I’m too sick to do anything and oddly I get really nauseous when I think about the fact there is a baby growing inside me. I’m not typically this way and I’m trying to stay positive, remeber how fortunate I am and stay healthy for my baby but I’m just a mess right now. I’m hoping ill be lucky enough to only have this in my first trimester but the majority of the women I’ve spoken to have said they had it the whole nine months or it left for only the second trimester and came back the third which only freaks me out. Im not giving up and keep trying to gain some strength or comfort to help me to get through each day a little better.

    • Lauren

      im exactly the same as you. First Pregnancy! a little nervous about what to partner doesn’t understand how unwell im feeling and he thinks im just saying it, im tired all day no matter how many naps i have. i feel sick most of the day and when it goes the slightest little thing can make it come back. i thought id be really happy and glowing..but im so unhappy and sick of feeling like this!! i just want it to go away so i can enjoy my pregnancy. im only 7 weeks and its dragging so so bad! i just hope i dont feel like this threw the whole of my pregnancy. how far gone are you?? if you don’t mind me asking. i get embarrassed about throwing up in public too but at the moment i feel sick but i never am sick.

  • hbd3

    Hey ladies! This is my 2nd pregnancy, I’m currently a little over 9 weeks and I’ve been SO sick! I have no idea who came up with the term “glowing” during your pregnancy but I haven’t experienced it either time! Also, my “morning sickness” is all day and night sickness! I thought I was possibly going to get away with no sickness this time, but since about 5 or 6 weeks I’ve been sick almost constantly. With my daughter (1st pregnancy) I was sick literally every single day give or take maybe 9 or 10 (seriously – no joking!) I was throwing up in the delivery room and they had to redo my epidural 3 times because I couldn’t sit still without being sick. The moment she came out, the feeling went away…it was so bizarre! (and very welcomed! lol) I’m not trying to discourage or scare anyone, just saying that sometimes we are unfortunately sick throughout the whole thing. My labor/delivery was a breeze though and the baby was extremely healthy. I was so worried about her not getting enough nutrients and things she needed since I couldn’t keep anything down (no food, drink, prenatal, etc) but my doctor assured me that if I could keep it down for at least 5-10 minutes the baby would reap all of the benefits…which made me feel a little better! I also want to note and suggest that you get checked for dehydration periodically…I went in for an appointment and was hospitalized and given several bags of fluid. I had no idea! Very thankful they caught it and took care of the problem! I’ll be praying for all of you because I know how terrible it is! Whether you are a first or fifth time mom, congratulations and I hope your sickness ends soon! πŸ™‚

  • Christy_waddle

    This is my fouth preg I have three awesome boys and I had little to no sickness with them..i found out two weeks ago that im already two months along and it was quiet an unexpected surprise I thought I had the flu or an uti so when my doc said I was preg wow major shock my youngest is 7and im 34 I have been sick and it shows no signs of easing up plus I have a headache constanly…im 10.5 weeks I sure hope it eases up:-/

  • Crystal Jones65

    This is my first pregnancy. We tried for over a year, and while Im SO THRILLED that it has finally happend. I feel LIKE CRAP! Ive never felt this bad in my entire life and it leaves me wondering WHY AND HOW women will do this more than once! Im about 8 weeks and Im HOPING that the morning sickness will go away by the 2nd trimester. Ive always wanted to be pregnant and ENJOY it. Instead I feel hungover 24/7. And I have to work on top of it! Ugh

  • Miss_carys

    I like this forum because i need a tiny bit of a whinge. I have an awful routine as far as m/s goes. I’m nearly 7 weeks and I wake up feeling like death every morning, have my spew (or 2) and then I feel super nauseous ALL day. have barely been eating and I’m worried that I am not giving my baby enough. Cannot even stomach the idea of making dinner and have gone completely off meat. What do I do? P.S this is my first.

    • Crystal Jones65

      As long as youre holding down SOMETHING, Dont worry your baby is fine! Trust me, Im RIGHT where you are! Nothing really helps, but I did get some popsicles to suck on, and it helps hydrate me, and if it DOES come back up, its more soothing. lol Good luck!

    • Heather

      Ask your doctor for zofran! It is a morning sickness medication it does wonders. Drink lots of fluid so you don’t get dehydrated, if you can’t keep it down get gadorade or powerade with electrolites and take 1 tsp ever 3-5 mins. I hope this helps! It helped me.

  • D002

    I am in my 9 th week but have been sick for past couple of weeks. As much as I am thrilled I can’t stop worrying as nothing is staying in my stomach – I have stopped prenatals as they make me more sick, is my baby going to be healthy? I m worried and sick, never felt like this before. No one ever told me about morning sickness so I was not even prepared and therefore my work is also suffering – please help

    • Crystal Jones65

      same thing happend to me. I had to go to ER for dehydration. If youre not keeping anything in then youll get dehydrated. They will also give you Zofran which helps with nausua, throwing up. I havent puked since.

  • SRR

    I am in my 9th week and I feeel so sick all day long, it feels as if something is constantly stuck and will come out, I throw up so much if its not food its bile coming out, I just hate it, so much that I don’t want this pregnancy :'( I fucking hate it!

  • pammie

    Hi everyone, jus found im prego and i.have mornin sickness…i feel horrible!!! i dont wana leave the bed….i dont ever throw up but i do gag alot!! i cant eat nething …i want to but my appetite is gone!! the smell of food makes me wana vomit. i cant wrk this way so wat am i to do?? i need my job tho… fiance is a great support but he doesnt understand how sick i am n thinks it couldnt b dat bad!! but it is…i cant stop spittin and right now my head wont stop hurtin !! not sure how far i am…but las period was in june!!!

  • Ree’

    Hi Im A New Mommy, Today Im 6weeks And 6Days .. Last week morning sickness gave me HELL but it seems as if it clearing up ! Praise God < But i cant eat what i want and the smell of food makes me sick. Wen will this pass :'(

  • Sickyface

    It is so awful πŸ™ I wake up every morning random times feeling nauseous and so tired. I go to the bathroom, puke come back sleep for an hour then wake up and do it all over again about 3 times. It makes me depressed because I feel so drained throughout the day my body aches, I don’t ever really feel relieved except right after I vomit and of course while sleeping. I always have this mucus feeling in my throat as well. It does not make it easier. This is the hardest thing to go through and such an awful thing. Food rarely sounds good anymore, certain things sound good sometimes like soup, some types of chicken, fries, plain chips, and weird but a hot pocket don’t sound too bad. Everyday is like the same thing sick in the morning drained during the day contemplating what can I eat or even *think* of eating. Wish I had a pregnant imaginary friend to go through this with me and be there every second to relate.. One can dare to dream. I could really use all of you right now it helps to have someone know what you’re going through when everyone else really has no idea how bad we are suffering inside. It’s hard to be strong alone <3 I really hope we all feel better soon or at least find something that helps cope with the sickness. I'm here if anyone needs to vent about this !

  • Mary

    I feel weak sometimes like I want to faint is this the. Flu or morning sickness

  • Sassy

    I’m 11wks pregnant every time I eat I keep vomiting so i dont eat much I vomit till my stomach hurts my head hurts I feel week I don’t no what to do

  • mrs jo

    i am 11 weeks pregnant with my first baby and i feel sick all the time and i am hungry but whenever i look at food it makes my sickness worse. please help.

  • nycjen

    I’m 12 weeks pregnant with my child and I’ve been sick sick sick. I haven’t thrown up much in these 12 weeks but the nausea kills me 24/7. I have no energy to do anything and I feel like all I’ve been doing is complaining. I take zofran and it helps for a while but then goes away and theyre too expensive to keep buying. I’ve tried sea bands and crackers ginger ale anything you name it ive tried. I hate feeling so miserable πŸ™ I’ve lost 15 pounds so far and i have no appetite. Everyone keeps telling me to stop thinking I’m nauseous and ill feel better that I should go out and eat and be happy but how the heck can i do that when all I want to do is stay in bed. I feel like people think I’m being lazy and just dont get me πŸ™

  • rach x

    9weeks pregnant and feeling sick all the time πŸ™ not been sick so im luck i supose but sometimes i wish i could just be sick and mabi i would feel better πŸ™

  • ksmith

    I am about 9.5 weeks pregnant and I am beginning to wonder if I will ever feel good again. I throw up constantly, feel tired and grumpy, and just all over bad. I have two different meds from my doctor to help with my stomach and yet I still throw up through the day. I am not really sure what to do from here, because I feel like I have tried everything, any friendly advice? Oh and I can’t stand to take my prenatal vitamins cause they make my stomach worse πŸ™

  • Courtney

    Ok..I am only posting this because I am seriously desperate and need to vent. I am almost 13 weeks pregnant with my first and my morning sickness is only getting worse. I throw up every morning, day, night, and am nauseous all hours in between. I have lost a few pounds because I can’t keep anything down…not carbs, ginger ale, saltines, nothing. For the most part I only eat because I know the baby needs it but im lucky if I can keep any of it in my system. Not to be over dramatic or anything…but I feel more like death than I feel like im creating life. I have been prescribed Zofran and it doesn’t do a thing for me. I’ve bought sea bands, preggie pops…you name it. Didn’t do jack for me. This has just been a very overwhelming time for me as im sure it is for all you new moms experiencing this. My husband and I have tried really hard to make this miricale happen and it finally has and I feel very few positive feelings. Instead all i think about is ‘When is this going to end’. Im very disappointed in myself for saying that, and I want this baby more than anything…but I want to be able to function too. I have always been someone who’s wanted a big family of my own…but if it means I might be going through this again then I might reconsider. I hate how this has changed my outlook on things and I hate the person I’ve become. I’ve always been such a positive person but now I feel like ive turned into negative nancy. I have lost interest in literally everything. I’m not sure what to do…I’m really worried this might last my whole pregnancy even though they say it usually subsides by 14 weeks. I really hope it does so I can start to enjoy this amazing experience. I hope anyone else that may be experiencing this or something similar can read this and find comfort that they aren’t the only ones. I dont wish this feeling upon anyone.

  • Desperatemommy

    Ive been sick for about three weeks now, am about 5weekz, n its been horrible, ive always been very active and now takes me all day to do normal things, I cant eat, everything seems discusting to me, cant sleep because were my stomach is empty, it hurts, this is my second pregnancy and I have a 4 yr old daughter, n feel like a bad mom sometimes I cant to make him take care of her like I wish I could, thank god shes such a lil helper and helps me alot, my husband works and its a torture to make him dinner, the though, smell of food makes me nauseous, am so miserable, pray to god it goes away, I want to b normal again, I feel like am not giving the baby what he needs:(

  • hbd3

    Hey everyone! I’ve commented before (hbd3)….I’ve been reading all of your comments and I sincerely hate it for all of you ladies! You will all be in my special prayers! I’m 28 weeks now and have still been so sick, only gained 4 lbs thus far, and was hospitalized last week to get fluids (severely dehydrated). If you feel like you’re not getting enough fluids please go to the ER or your hospital as this can onset preterm labor quickly! My lips were very chapped and my urine was dark no matter how much water I tried to keep down (water being one of the biggest “triggers” for me by the way) so watch for these signs! Also just want to give a little reassurance to those who cannot keep anything down….they told me if I kept food/water down for at least 3-5 minutes that the baby is getting all it needs! I know sometimes those few minutes seem like an eternity but it’s comforting to know your baby is not lacking no matter how sick you are! I hope and pray each of you feel better and get past what is hopefully a phase so you can enjoy your pregnancies and feel like your old selves again!

  • saran ross

    Im about 7 weeks along with my firsy pregnancy..and I just want to hold food down im scard to eat anything and embarrased to tell husband how sick I am all thr time… I just want to feel normal…

  • Kate

    Hi ladies, I am coming up 8 weeks and I am just relived to find that I am not being dramatic or a huge baby! I am finding that I get really hungry and welcome food when am not feeling so sick then all of a sudden I get another wave of sick ness and lose it all. Just spent all night being sick and gagging and now feel awful with sore throat as well now. This sick feeling stays mostly all day and am so tired am finding it hard to face work but am still going but when home I just either crawl into bed, or cry like baby as I feel so awful. While my partner is supportive I think he thinks I am being a bit dramatic and as I have not told anyone else yet that I am pregnant until my scan I have no one to talk to and people just think am in a bad mood! I hope this passes soon and I can start to feel excited about being pregnant. Am waiting for the bit when people say ‘ aren’t you blooming’ lol lots of luck to you all. X

  • Anitra Smith

    I am kicking myself and asking WHY I thought it would be a good idea to get pregnant again. This will be my third baby. First one, I had mild all-day nausea until 15 weeks. Second one, I was throwing up daily, on Zofran, until 19 weeks. This time, I’m throwing up less often but I FEEL like it almost all the time. I’m having trouble staying hydrated and I’m taking twice as much Zofran as I did the last time around. And I’m only at 11 weeks! I really hope this can’t get any worse. My husband has been great, but my kids don’t understand why mommy says “no” to everything now, especially with the Christmas season coming up. I just feel like I can’t do ANYTHING anymore.

  • Lynxmom

    I have to say I am so glad I found this site. This is baby # 4 and the others have never been this bad. I vomit all day long, my head pounds, I have burst blood vessels in my face so I look horrid. I can’t believe I wanted to do this again. My husband has turned cruel now. He’s not use to shouldering everything and now has turned it on me with resentment. Does not make this process any easier. At this moment I resent this pregnancy for taking me away. I use to love life now I’m a shell of the former me. I complain so much my own mother stopped talking to me. I just want this to be over so I can meet my baby and tie my tubes cause this morning sickness has done me in.

  • Penny

    I’m 16 weeks and have had horrible morning sickness since week 6. I was so happy when it let up last week (in time for our big move) but it is back with a vengeance now. Today is the worst. I can’t keep down water or simple foods like rice. The French fry smell from the fries my fiancΓ© heated up mean I can’t even go in the kitchen if I wanted to. Even sitting up in bed makes me dizzy and nauseous. All I can do is lay in bed. Our new apartment has a smell that makes me gag unless all the windows are open. Thankfully, it’s warm enough. I feel guilty because everything is in boxes and I need to unpack but I can’t sit up. I had to send my fiancΓ© to our friend’s child’s birthday party without me and j don’t know why I’m feeling so guilty about it….I hope this is my last week of this! I feel like it’s been a bad case of the flu for 3 months now.

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