Morning Sickness Relief Just Got More Fashionable

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You may already know that acupuncture and acupressure are sometimes recommended for morning sickness relief. You may not know about a new product on the market designed to relieve nausea while adding a fashionable touch at the same time.

Psi Bands, adjustable acupressure wristbands which are designed to serve as an attractive accessory while relieving your nausea, first hit the market in 2007. Today, they can be found in several major retailers, including:

  • Toys ‘R’ Us
  • Babies ‘R’ Us
  • Whole Foods
  • ERI
  • Wegmans

Psi Bands cost about $15 and are available in several styles and colors. You can find Psi Bands to accommodate just about any outfit.

Like many other acupressure bands, Psi Bands focus on the Nei-Kuan pressure points in your wrists. These acupressure points are believed to be related to nausea. What separates the Psi Bands from other acupressure bands is that they are designed to be attractive, adjustable, and non-slip (this keeps them securely on the acupressure point).

Many OB-GYNs and nurse practitioners recommend acupressure for morning sickness relief. One recent study conducted by the University Of California Institute Of Health and Aging showed that acupressure had significant effects on the frequency and intensity of nausea. While that particular study was conducted for chemotherapy patients who experienced nausea, it is believed that results would be similar for nausea from morning sickness or other causes.

The study was conducted using finger acupressure. Finger acupressure involves applying pressure to specified points with your fingers. Still, there is no reason to believe that other forms of acupressure (such as the Psi Band) would not have similar results.

Women are increasingly seeking out natural remedies rather than medication, especially while pregnant. Fortunately, those who suffer from morning sickness have several non-medicinal options available to them. Psi Bands are among the newer options available, but already many women have claimed they’ve experienced relief in the severity of morning sickness symptoms by using them.

Finding out if it works for you doesn’t cost much. Best case, you look great and wear a fashion accessory that also helps you keep food down. Worst case, your nausea doesn’t improve, but you still have a fashionable bracelet.

What forms of acupressure have you tried? Have they worked for you?








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