Morning Sickness: Outstaying its Welcome

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Morning sickness isn’t fun. For most women, though, it ends by the time you hit your second trimester. For a very few, however, it can last all the way through your entire pregnancy.

At first, morning sickness is a paradox. It’s early evidence and a constant reminder of the fact that you’re pregnant. You hate the nausea, but you’re excited about being a mom.

As you proceed through pregnancy, the novelty wears off. Here are some tell-tale signs that your morning sickness may have outstayed its welcome:

  • Vomiting starts to become a routine. For some women, getting up in the morning to vomit becomes a natural start to the day. The moment you no longer feel like it’s a strange thing, or that it doesn’t seem to bother you, you know you’ve had enough morning sickness.
  • Your other children copy your gagging noise. It happens. They’re so used to hearing it, your discomfort can become something of the family joke.
  • Your family asks if a certain food might make you nauseous. For example, a child might see you drinking a glass of juice, and remember that it always seems to upset your stomach.
  • You get most of your sustenance from soup. One of the best ways to get some nutrition while you’re having severe morning sickness is via soup. It will give you a bit of nutrition, and it will keep you hydrated. Eventually¸ though, you can get sick of soup. The point at which those little red and white cans start to become a daily routine is the point at which morning sickness has stayed too long.
  • No one notices when you vomit. At some point, your family will stop asking if you’re OK when you’re hurling.
  • You carry around an airline sick bag. You never know when your morning sickness is going to hit, so you’ve gotten to the place where you’re always prepared.

Morning sickness can be a drag, for sure. The good news is that, even if it lasts your entire pregnancy, it will be totally worth it in the end.

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