Morning Sickness Essentials: Do’s and Don’ts

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Sickness Essentials: Do’s and Don’ts

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You’re probably on this page because you’ve experienced some degree or another of morning sickness. The fact is that most women do. Researchers tell us that more than two thirds of women have morning sickness. Yours might be a mild queasy feeling or it might be full-blown nausea and vomiting, but chances are you’re going to have it.

This blog is here as a resource for you, to help you deal with morning sickness effectively. There’s no better way to start that process than by reviewing some of the essentials.

If you want to avoid or at least minimize your morning sickness, here are some things to do, courtesy of the American Pregnancy Association:

  • Do use ginger. Ginger ale, ginger tea, ginger supplements, and other forms of ginger have been shown to reduce morning
    sickness in many women.
  • Don’t eat three big meals. Instead, eat smaller meals more frequently. This helps you from becoming too hungry or too full, both of which can aggravate morning sickness.
  • Do drink plenty of fluids throughout the day to stay hydrated, but not within 30 minutes of eating.
  • Don’t skip meals.
  • Do avoid foods or other items that have strong smells, as strong smells may add to your nausea.
  • Do keep a lemon on hand. When you feel nauseous, sniff the lemon or even have a glass of lemonade. Watermelon works well for some women, too.
  • Don’t get too hot. Avoid places that are too warm.
  • Do start the day by eating a soda cracker or two about 15 minutes before you get out of bed
  • Do get enough sleep. Take naps during the day if you need to.
  • Don’t lie down right after you eat. Try to wait at least an hour or so after you eat before lying down.
  • Do get some exercise. Mild to moderate exercise three times a week will not only help your overall pregnancy go better, it can help to reduce morning sickness.
  • Do eat some salty potato chips, as they can ease the stomach. Don’t eat ones that are too greasy, however.
  • Don’t eat spicy food, or food that’s especially greasy. Both tend to aggravate morning sickness.



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