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Let’s face it: morning sickness can really get in the way of your day-to-day life. It can keep you from doing the things you want and need to do, and it can make you feel plain awful. As one woman in Australia recently learned, it can also get you a traffic ticket.

According to the report, the woman only referred to as “Natalie” was driving in Hawthorn, South Australia. She started to experience morning sickness while driving in heavy traffic. She turned onto a side street – an illegal turn – in order to vomit.

Wrong place, wrong time

Apparently, the left turn from Grange Road onto Abbotshall Road isn’t allowed during the rush hour traffic of 4 PM to 6 PM daily. The  woman made the turn, pulled over, and started breathing into a paper bag. After a moment, the nausea receded.

The police, however, were lying in wait. After she made the turn, she was immediately approached by a police car. The officer listened to her story, but still indicated that he had to issue her a fine.

Asks for fine to be withdrawn

Natalie then decided to appeal to the  police. She wrote a letter to the police branch where the officer works, and even included a letter from her OB confirming that she often experienced a “sudden and unpredictable” need to vomit, as well as frequent nausea.

The manager of the police branch replied to the letter, noting that he appreciated the circumstances, but that the fine would stand.

Politicians weighing in

One member of parliament has even taken an interest in this case. The MP is suggesting that the woman should have been given a warning, and is pointing out how the government is using traffic fines to raise revenue, and that the system is geared toward simply giving the fine rather than considering individual circumstances.

So, what do you think? Should the woman have to pay the $366 fine, or should it be dismissed due to her circumstances with morning sickness?

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