More Morning Sickness and Pregnancy Myths Debunked

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There’s so much misinformation that tends to grow around pregnancy that it’s hard to know what is and isn’t true. It’s helpful to have reliable sources – like your doctor or midwife, and this website – to help you know what’s real and what’s not.

Here are some of the most common morning sickness and pregnancy-related myths out there today:

  • Myth: Severe morning sickness means you’re going to have a boy. There is no medical evidence to suggest that morning sickness has anything to do with gender.
  • Myth: The shape of your belly when you’re pregnant somehow relates to the shape and/or muscle tone that your baby will have. This is entirely false. There’s a lot more going on in there than just baby, so it’s impossible to see baby’s full form from the outside.
  • Myth: The way you’re carrying your baby indicates gender. This one says that if your baby bump is high up you’re going to have a boy, but if it’s low you’re going to have a girl. Here again, there’s no actual evidence to support this.
  • Myth: Having your best friend twist your wedding ring three times around your finger will help you when trying to conceive. Um, nope. Not in the real world, anyways.
  • Myth: Raspberry tea will help your labor go smoother. It may not help labor go smoother, but it may help you relax in between contractions.
  • Myth: Don’t look at apes or monkeys during pregnancy or your baby will have a monkey’s face. Seriously, we’re not sure who comes up with these.
  • Myth: A string and your wedding ring can tell your baby’s gender. This one supposedly works like this: tie the ring to a string. Hold the string above your belly. If it spins to the left, you’ll have a boy and if it spins to the right, you’ll have a girl. It’s a fun activity for baby showers, though.
  • Myth: Certain food cravings indicate gender. The old wives’ tale is that craving sweets means you’ll have a girl and craving sour or savory foods means you’ll have a boy. Cravings come from nutritional deficiencies, not your baby’s gender.

So, what other pregnancy or morning sickness myths have you come across?

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