Making Your Own Herbal Tea

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Tea Time
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Making your own herbal tea can be a relatively easy process. Essentially, you just need to pour water that is boiling over the herbs. The herbs need to be in a non-metal container, and have a lid. You then allow the herbs to seep for a certain amount of time. Once the herbs have seeped for the right amount of time, you simply strain the herbs out of the tea, and then can drink it.

The difficulty with making your own herbal tea is that various herbs need to seep for various amounts of time. Some herbs, for example, will create a very bitter taste if they seep for too long. Other herbs have to seep for a rather long time in order to get their medicinal qualities into the tea. Your herbalist can help you to know about how long a given herb should be seeped. For this reason, however, many people choose to turn to pre-packaged herbal tea. The other benefit of pre-packaged herbal tea is that you can purchase a tea that is designed for a specific purpose, such as helping with morning sickness, that may have a variety of herbs that can help you, and in the right proportions, as opposed to having to gather several different herbs and then figure out the proportion on your own.

There are several common herbal teas that you can make on your own. Chamomile is a popular tea, and it can be used for digestion issues, congestion, headache, insomnia, and stress. Mint is another common herb that you can make your own herbal tea from. Mint is also useful for digestion. Ginger root is another herb that makes a great tea, and ginger tea has been used for a number of purposes, from general relaxation to helping with indigestion or morning sickness.

Keep in mind that, if you make your own herbal tea, it can ferment in just a few days. This is true even if the herbal tea is stored in the refrigerator. Watch for bubbles or an odd taste. If your herbal tea has either of these, it is time to make a new batch.

What about you? Have you tried herbal tea to get relief from your morning sickness? Have you ever made your own?

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