Have Morning Sickness? Try this Cool Solution

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Just because most expectant moms have morning sickness during that first trimester doesn’t mean it’s easy, and it doesn’t mean you should just have to deal with it. Yes, it will pass, but you can be really miserable while it’s going on. In some rare cases where it leads to hyperemesis gravidarum, your baby may even suffer by not getting enough nutrients. That’s obviously a huge problem.

According to the UK Mail Online there may be another way you can try to treat your morning sickness without turning to anti-nausea medications that can be harmful to your baby. Understanding the cure, however, means understanding something about how morning sickness occurs and how it’s treated.

To be sure, no one knows exactly why morning sickness occurs. One of the most commonly-held ideas has to do with hormonal changes that take place in the first trimester. As hormones level out, morning sickness tends to dissipate. Treating morning sickness usually means dietary changes, supplements like ginger, and even acupressure.

For some women, however, it may be much simpler: chew some ice.

A craving for ice (as is the craving for anything else with little nutritional value) is common during pregnancy. Some women may actually crave ice, however, because it is cold and refreshing, and the water can actually help dilute your stomach acid – which may be at high levels because of hormone changes, leading to morning sickness.

There is even now a company that’s making popsicles with flavorings typically known to reduce nausea, such as ginger or mint.

You might try these, or you can even consider making them at home. Simply make some herbal tea that has peppermint or ginger in it. Allow the tea to cool, and mix in some sweetener. Alternatively, you could use ginger soda – just make sure it’s made with actual ginger.

Pour the tea into ice cube trays, and freeze them – just like you might do with a flavored drink mix for your kids. Once they’re frozen, crush them up and eat them.

So, what do you think? Does a ginger popsicle sound good to you?

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