First-Time Pregnancy Surprises

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With all of the information out there on pregnancy, you think you’d know it all going in. The fact is, however, there are plenty of things you just don’t think about. Some things you assume to be true just aren’t, and other things you assumed couldn’t be true are.

Here are some of the biggest first-pregnancy surprises:

  1. Surprise! Morning sickness doesn’t just happen in the morning. Yeah, some women only experience pregnancy-related nausea in the mornings. Others get it all day long. Fortunately, this little blessing of pregnancy tends to pass by the end of your first trimester.
  2. Surprise! You don’t show as early as you think you do. Your baby is growing, but that baby bump in the first trimester is probably just bloating. Most of your baby’s size growth happens in the third trimester.
  3. Surprise! You’re an outtie. You might not know ahead of time, but one day your belly button is going to pop out. Right out. Even if you’re an innie.
  4. Surprise! Pregnancy stinks. No, it’s not a horrible experience. It just literally stinks. Everything. Your sense of smell is heightened and, for some women, even changed.
  5. Surprise! Your butt hurts. Not just from sitting on it. From the hemorrhoids. Many women are “lucky” enough to get hemorrhoids for the very first time during pregnancy.
  6. Surprise! You wet the bed. Hormonal changes coupled with the baby sitting on your internal organs, squishing your bladder, means that you’re going to have to pee NOW. Sometimes, you don’t make it.
  7. Surprise! Babies are ugly. Have you ever seen a newborn on TV? They’re clean, with perfect little faces. Real babies are covered with all sorts of gunk and their noses are all squished into their faces. Don’t worry. They clean up nice.
  8. Surprise! You’re pimply again. Many women experience an outbreak of pregnancy-induced acne. To make matters worse, many skin treatments aren’t OK’d for pregnant women.
  9. Surprise! Your shoes don’t fit. It’s not just your belly that grows. You’re retaining water like you’re planning a trip into the Sahara, and there’s no way those not-so-little piggies are fitting into those shoes.

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