Exercise: A Morning Sickness Remedy with Benefits

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As with anything else, it’s possible to overdo it when to comes to exercise. During pregnancy, you want to watch out for engaging in exercise activities that present a risk of abdominal injury, for example. You don’t want to get overheated, and you don’t want to get dehydrated either. Having said all of that, the fact of the matter is that getting too much exercise during pregnancy is not really a risk for most women. Most women struggle with getting enough exercise during pregnancy.

Generally speaking, you should get a moderate amount of exercise during pregnancy. Exercise provides you with a number of very specific benefits during pregnancy. Here are just a handful of the benefits that it provides:

  • Exercise helps to reduce stress. Let’s face it, pregnancy can be stressful. Exercise releases important chemicals in your brain, including serotonin, which can help you to handle stress. The stress-fighting benefits of exercise are well-proven.
  • Exercise helps to reduce the aches and pains of pregnancy. For some women, getting a mild amount of exercise can combat morning sickness. In general, exercise helps you to get into better shape, which can make things like pregnancy-related backache lessen its severity. Being fit helps you to better handle the body changes that take place during pregnancy, particularly during the later stages of pregnancy.
  • Exercise helps prepare your body for childbirth. Labor and delivery are no walk in the park. By getting regular exercise during pregnancy, you improve the health of your cardiovascular system and your muscle strength, all of which are important during labor and delivery.
  • Exercise during pregnancy will help you lose the baby weight after pregnancy. If you’re into an exercise routine during your pregnancy, it won’t be hard to get back into one after you’ve recovered from childbirth. It will mean that there’s less baby weigh to take off, and it will mean that the baby weight you do need to take off may come of faster.

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