Deep Breathing for Morning Sickness

Posted on Apr 6, 2012 | Articles, Treating Morning Sickness Category | | Print This Article

The fact that it’s perfectly normal doesn’t make morning sickness any more pleasant to go through. Unfortunately, there’s no sure fire cure for morning sickness. What works well for one woman may not work at all for another. Many women have found relief from morning sickness through deep breathing exercises.

The main purpose of any deep breathing exercise is to bring yourself into a relaxed state. This relaxed state, when achieved, has a number of benefits. One of them is relief from nausea.

Here’s how you do it:

  • Find a quiet place. If that’s not possible (due to children, workplace noise, or other factors), you can still benefit from deep breathing, but it’s easier to relax if it’s quiet.
  • Sit upright in a comfortable chair.
  • Rest your hands in your lap.
  • Relax your shoulders.
  • Inhale slowly and deeply through the nose. Make sure your mouth is closed.
  • Continue to inhale until you can’t comfortably continue. Your inhalation should last at least to the count of five.
  • Hold your breath. This should be for a comfortable period, typically 3-5 seconds.
  • Exhale slowly and fully. Exhaling should take about 5 seconds.
  • Repeat. Continue to repeat until you are relaxed and the nausea is gone.

One of the best things about using deep breathing for morning sickness is that you don’t need any special supplies. If you’re getting nauseous, there’s no need to worry about whether you packed crackers or ginger ale. All you need is a place to sit. You can practice deep breathing in the car, or any other place where you are able to sit down.

In fact, with minor modification, you can even practice deep breathing while standing up. It doesn’t eliminate morning sickness and nausea quite as well as deep breathing will while you’re sitting down, but it can still help.

It doesn’t cost you anything to see if deep breathing exercises will work for you. If they do, you’ve found an all-natural, easy to use and effective morning sickness remedy. If deep breathing exercises don’t work for you, you can always double check to make sure you brought your saltines.

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