Dealing with Morning Sickness Simply and Proactively

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What does a study of the effects of acupressure wristbands on migraine sufferers mean to women who are experiencing morning sickness? Quite a bit, it turns out.

The study, which was published in Neurological Sciences in May 2012, considered the effects of an acupressure wristband on female migraine sufferers who suffered nausea (a common side effect of migraine headaches). The women in the study reported a 50% reduction in nausea symptoms while wearing the acupressure wristbands.

Most Nausea is Affected by the Same Pressure Point

So, how does that affect women with morning sickness? It’s fairly simple, really. According to traditional Chinese medicine, the pressure point which affects nausea (PC6 or Neiguan, found on the inside of the wrist) is the same regardless of the actual cause of the nausea. In theory at least, adding constant stimulation to the PC6 pressure point will reduce or eliminate nausea, whether the nausea was caused by a migraine, the flu, too much sun, chemotherapy, morning sickness, or some other cause.

Using the acupressure wristbands is fairly straightforward. You simply put them on like you would a bracelet. The bands, which come in a variety of colors, look somewhat like hospital wristbands or the wristbands that let you ride all the rides at the fair (we know…not exactly something you were thinking about with morning sickness). A button puts constant pressure and stimulation on the PC6 pressure point. When this pressure point is stimulated, nausea is reduced.

A Simple, Proactive Treatment

Perhaps the main benefit of using an acupressure wristband for morning sickness is that you can be proactive. You don’t have to wait for morning sickness to hit you before you put one on. If you have a general idea of when morning sickness is likely to affect you, you can simply put it on ahead of time. For example, if you typically experience morning sickness symptoms first thing in the morning, you could wear the acupressure wristband to bed. You could even leave the wristband on all the time if you prefer.

Do acupressure wristbands completely eradicate morning sickness from everyone who uses them? No, but isn’t any reduction in nausea a good thing? Acupressure wristbands are simple and convenient to use. At the very least, they’re worth a try.

photo by: SodanieChea

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