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Morning Sickness Myths

Posted on February 1, 2012 | No comments

photo credit: tiseb So, you’ve been through a pregnancy or two before. This isn’t your first baby dance. Do you think you know it all about morning sickness? You might be surprised to find out that some of the things you’ve believed all along just aren’t true. Here are a handful of morning sickness myths […]

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Thalidomide – 50 Years Later

Posted on January 26, 2012 | No comments

  photo credit: Brandon Giesbrecht It was 1951 when the morning sickness drug, thalidomide, was removed from the marketplace. The drug was initially hailed as a revolutionary way to treat morning sickness; unfortunately, it proved to be catastrophic for many women and their babies. Literally thousands of babies worldwide were afflicted with a number of […]

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Pregnancy Report Looks and Everything from Morning Sickness to Sex

Posted on December 30, 2011 | No comments

photo credit: Schwangerschaft For women who have never been pregnant, it’s natural to ask what it will be like. The fact is, however, if you ask 10 different women what it’s like to be pregnant you’re going to get 10 different answers. Each pregnancy is different, just like each woman is different. That said, there […]

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The Genetic Connection

Posted on December 16, 2011 | No comments

photo credit: Ian Sane Many women – somewhere between 50 and 75 percent – have morning sickness. Sometimes it’s mild, sometimes it’s severe. For many women, it’s triggered by smells, but for others it’s not. For the most part, we’re not sure what causes it. There’s evidence to suggest that it’s changing hormone levels messing […]

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Men and Morning Sickness

Posted on December 12, 2011 | 2 comments

photo credit: jon smith. We’ve all heard about men having pregnancy symptoms alongside his partner. Usually, such discussion is the premise of a sitcom on television. Yet, believe it or not, there may be a built-in factor in men’s physiology that can create a number of pregnancy-like symptoms – including morning sickness – when a […]

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Is Morning Sickness Good for My Baby?

Posted on December 8, 2011 | No comments

photo credit: jennzebel We all know that morning sickness is not the most fun part of pregnancy. But is it good for your baby? Research seems to indicate that it might actually be a positive sign. For a long time, it was widely believed that morning sickness was caused by a sort of competition between […]

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Symptoms which Accompany Morning Sickness

Posted on December 2, 2011 | No comments

photo credit: camerakarrie We all know and expect to deal with morning sickness during the first trimester. For many of us, those first couple bouts with nausea were our first clue we were carrying a baby. But what other symptoms can we expect while we’re wading through the next couple months of saltines and sudden […]

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Morning Sickness and Your Job

Posted on November 25, 2011 | No comments

photo credit: Highways Agency These days, most expectant moms have to work. It’s just the reality of the times we live in. We’d like to take a month or three off work until the morning sickness subsides. But who can afford to do that? There’s no question: working can be tough when you feel like […]

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The Morning Sickness Misnomer

Posted on October 10, 2011 | No comments

photo credit: James Whitesmith Morning sickness is one of those things. We try to be discreet about it. Rather than calling it “pregnancy-induced nausea” or “pukey-preggie syndrome,” we have a nice polite name for it. Why, we even use the word “morning,” which conjures up thoughts of a rising sun and birds chirping in the […]

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Morning Sickness and Your Child’s Emotional Well-Being

Posted on September 23, 2011 | No comments

photo credit: francisco_osorio When it comes right down to it, we know so very little about the human mind. Sure, we’ve come to understand a great deal more about psychological conditions over the past century, but we’ve barely scratched the surface. Being able to identify what causes a person to experience anxiety or bipolar disorder, […]

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