A Morning Sickness Helper You Never Thought Of: Aromatherapy

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During pregnancy one of the most common discomforts is morning sickness. Expecting moms can’t take many of the traditional medicines that alleviate nausea while they are pregnant so they must find natural ways to deal with the morning sickness. One great way to do this is to use aromatherapy.

Many moms-to-be never think of aromatherapy when they are battling morning sickness. The reason why is that many moms have an ultra sensitive sense of smell during early pregnancy and this is often the culprit of nausea! But, the aromatherapy is actually very helpful and can help soothe the nausea and make you feel better. Remember, though, that although you can use the following morning sickness remedy with essential oils it is not recommended to use essential oils in any other form during pregnancy. Some of the herbs you will want to make sure to stay away from include clove, bay leaves, wintergreen, clary stage, basil, oregano, marjoram, sage, and thyme. You can use the following aromatherapy blends after your first trimester. Many women’s morning sickness clears up by the second trimester, but if it doesn’t then you have the option of using aromatherapy.

When you use one of the following blends you will find that it helps alleviate your nausea. It will also give you so much needed time to sit down and relax, which is important while you are pregnant. You may choose lemon, spearmint, or peppermint. Simply take the bottle and inhale directly. Or, you may choose to place four drops of the essential oil in a tissue and then breathe in. Try both methods and see which one works best for you.

If you are one of the women who continues experiencing morning sickness throughout her pregnancy then you may find that aromatherapy is an option to help you relax and get over the queasiness. It is certainly worth a try!

There are other methods that pregnant women find helpful in alleviating their morning sickness. One of those is drinking ginger ale. The ginger helps soothe a queasy stomach and women find it easy to sip ginger ale when they aren’t feeling their best. Another suggestion is to eat several meals a day. The body can’t digest food as quickly when pregnant as before. Because of this it is important to eat many small meals to give the body a chance to digest the food and to keep your blood sugar levels even. This helps many women with their nausea. Give these suggestions a try and you may find the aromatherapy in addition to these other suggestions are enough to make you feel better!

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