Alleviate Morning Sickness – Morning, Noon, And Night

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You are pregnant and have begun feeling morning sickness. This is certainly not what you had anticipated because not only do you feel nauseous in the morning, but you also feel it at noon and night! What can you possibly do to alleviate your morning sickness at different points in the day? The following suggestions will help you keep your morning sickness at bay throughout the day!


When you wake up in the morning and your stomach is empty is when you are most likely to feel morning sickness. That’s generally why it is known as ‘morning sickness’ because it is most likely to occur in the morning. The best suggestion is to keep some saltine crackers beside your bed so that when you wake up in the morning, or even the middle of the night, you can eat a cracker or two to get something in your stomach. Hang out in bed for another 15 to 20 minutes before moving around and more than likely the little bit of food on your stomach will be enough to get you past the nausea. You may consider having a small cup of ginger ale or other clear, carbonated beverage, too. This helps ease the nausea, too. Don’t drink water, milk, or any other beverage that might sit heavy on your stomach or exacerbate your nausea. Sprite, ginger ale, and other light carbonated beverages are recommended.


If you find you are having morning sickness into the afternoon hours then you need to start eating multiple small meals per day rather than three large meals. This means trying to eat a little something every hour or two. This may seem like a pain at first, but it will keep your blood sugar stable and something in your belly. This will keep the nausea at bay. Those 100-calorie snack packs are great options and small enough to eat quickly without getting too full. You will find clear colas work well for you all day long!


Some women find they experience nausea at night, too. This could be because they were too hungry for dinner and then overate. Your best bet is to eat a snack between lunch and dinner so that you never feel really hungry. This takes some practice, but it really does work out better. Give this a chance and you will find that you can keep your morning sickness from overcoming you.

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