Is Acupuncture Safe as an Alternative Medicine for Morning Sickness?

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Morning sickness has always plagued women, some much worse than others. While the majority of women can suffer through the phase until it passes others need help because they have a particularly bad or lengthy case of morning sickness. Many of the medications do not work for some women or are very expensive so doctors and patients have long been searching for alternative approaches to help relieve the nausea and vomiting that makes morning sickness so hard to live with. Acupuncture has been one of the best techniques found to naturally do away with or lessen the symptoms of morning sickness. Not only is acupuncture natural, it is something that will not affect the mother or the baby in anything but positive ways.

The great thing is that not just a few doctors and patients have found that acupuncture helps; an official study has actually been done to see if acupuncture really helps women overcome or deal with morning sickness. In the study there were over 30 women that received acupuncture treatments for a period of two weeks. The women that received the true acupuncture treatments reported an overwhelming success rate with more than 75% of the women feeling much better after just a couple days time. The acupuncture was able to stop the vomiting and even do away with the nausea for a lot of women, too.

This is good news for doctors and women because morning sickness has long been an issue that no one really knew how to deal with. Serious cases of morning sickness usually make their way in and out of the hospital several times to be treated for dehydration or even pre-term labor. Most women will agree that a couple days or even two weeks of daily acupuncture treatments that work would be much easier than taking medication that may or may not work and ending up in the hospital again and again. Not only does acupuncture seem to be more effective it is more affordable in the long run.

Acupuncture has been a debate among doctors that treat pregnant women for a long time because some feel as though it should be avoided because an uneducated technician could actually induce labor or cause uterine cramps. Of course, if a woman is going to visit an acupuncturist for help with morning sickness she should be sure that they are educated in treating the condition and also treating women at her specific point in pregnancy. An educated and experienced acupuncturist can really make a world of difference in the life of a woman suffering from severe morning sickness. If you have tried other remedies and you are tired of suffering this really is a good thing to try.

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