A Quick Look at Alternative Medicine for Morning Sickness

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If you didn’t already know it by now, you need to understand one thing about morning sickness: it stinks. It’s just not fun. It’s also just one of those things you’re probably going to have to deal with. More than two thirds of women do. Yes, you’ve been told to buck up because it’s going to pass by the end of the first trimester, but that really doesn’t help you deal with it along the way.

What really sucks about the whole thing is that you can’t take many anti-nausea medications. There are some that are considered safe to use during pregnancy, but they’re not always effective. And, even if you’re not the type that usually turns to alternative medicine, morning sickness might be one of those situations where you consider it.

Here are some of the alternative medicine options to help keep your stomach settled during those pukey early days of pregnancy:

  • Acupressure. You can get anti-nausea wrist bands that operate on acupressure principles at your local pharmacy, or even on this website. They’re not that expensive, and worth a shot if you’re having trouble controlling your morning sickness.
  • Acupuncture. This one’s a little more involved. An acupuncturist will stick needles about the diameter of a hair into your skin. Surprisingly, it doesn’t really hurt, and some women seem to benefit from it.
  • Hypnosis. Hypnosis has been used for many things, from quitting smoking to making someone quack like a duck. It might be able to help with your morning sickness, too. Just be ready to ask for a refund if you start quacking when you hear a bell go off.
  • Ginger. This one works for lots of women. Ginger supplements can help with morning sickness. So can ginger tea, ginger soda, and other forms of ginger. The key is to find ginger in a form that you can tolerate, which can be a challenge if you’re not particularly fond of the taste.

So, what kinds of alternative medicines have you heard about for morning sickness? Which ones seem to help, and which didn’t work as well for you?

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