6 Dietary Changes to Ease Morning Sickness

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Morning sickness is annoying at best, debilitating at worst. It’s also something that most women just have to deal with. As you know, between two thirds and three quarters of women will have some amount of morning sickness.

The good news is that you don’t have to suffer in silence. While you probably can’t prevent morning sickness altogether, there are some things you can do in terms of your diet to lessen the severity and frequency of your morning sickness.

Here are some easy dietary changes you can make to temper your morning sickness, courtesy of the Lodi News:

  1. Eat something small when you first wake up in the morning. Do this before you even get up out of bed. Consider saltines or dry toast, for example. This lets you have something in your stomach to absorb any acid it produces. Make sure to get out of bed slowly.
  2. Stay away from foods that are high in fat or that are greasy. That stuff might taste good, but it can also add to your morning sickness.
  3. Keep from getting full or hungry by eating several small meals throughout the day. This thing where we have three meals each day is really a social convention, and it doesn’t have to work that way. Eat five small meals each day to space things out.
  4. Stick with foods that are high in protein. Meat, eggs, cheese and other dairy products, and fish are all winners. (Watch out for fish, however, as some foods with a strong smell can sometimes trigger your morning sickness, too.)
  5. Get plenty of fluids. Hydration is key to fighting nausea, as well. You can sip small amounts of fluids throughout the entire day. Try  drinks that are tart, such as juices, lemonade, or Sprite.
  6. Consider foods with ginger. Ginger is well-known for its anti-nausea properties. You can have ginger tea, ginger soda, ginger candy, ginger cookies, and more. Just make sure that it’s not simply “ginger flavored,” and that it actually does contain some amount of ginger.

What about you? Are there dietary changes you’ve made that seemed to help with morning sickness?

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