5 Pregnancy Symptoms No One Told You About

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OK, so everyone expects to have morning sickness, the constant need to pee, and to crave bizarre food combinations during pregnancy. That’s the stuff everyone talks about. Throw in back pain and breast tenderness for good measure, and you’ve got every pregnancy website’s “top 5 pregnancy symptoms” list.

That’s all fine and dandy, and if you didn’t expect those symptoms, go ahead and Google “top 5 pregnancy symptoms” and learn all about them. We wouldn’t want to deprive you of essential information, after all.

The thing is, pregnancy messes with your body in other ways, ways you can starkly imagine. Here are some of the more common, but less talked-about, symptoms of pregnancy:

  1. Discharge. Chances are pretty good you’re going to leak a sticky yellowish or white goo through most of pregnancy. This is caused by hormonal changes, and you should consider wearing a light pad if the discharge is particularly plentiful. Also, if it develops an odor or becomes greenish in color, talk to a doctor as it’s probably an infection.
  2. Constant gas. Your intestines are going to move slowly during pregnancy. All of the increased progesterone in your body is seeing to that. That’s the same thing behind your constipation, as well. Control the constipation, and you’ll control the gas. To be sure, that’s easier said than done.
  3. Snoring. Many women who have never snored will start during pregnancy. The mucous membranes tend to swell when you’re pregnant. This can also lead to a constantly stuffy nose, as well.
  4. Drooling. It’s not uncommon for a woman to produce extra saliva when she’s pregnant. It’s also common to have swollen gums, or bleeding gums. Ulcers will develop sometimes, as well. Don’t sweat it – it should normalize after your baby is born.
  5. Huge nipples. Not only are your breasts going to swell and be sore, your nipples are going to get bigger. The areola is going to grow in size, and get darker, as well. They will normally spring back to their old size and shape once you’re done breastfeeding.


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